Most Dangerous Game Stories #01

14 Jul

So we begin. My thoughts on the various contest entries for The Most Dangerous Game contest. I’ll be putting up six story reactions a day until I run out of them. Hopefully I’ll get through all of them. Though I’m feeling a little overloaded and kind of dragging my feet on the last two dozen.

Wish Unfulfillment by hazeyhooves

First fan fiction I’ve read from the Most Dangerous Game writing contest. It’s a second person story and something of an interesting read. Was a fun experience, but hopefully will be one of the average stories the contest produces.

A Princess in Time by NorsePony

Writing is rough, especially in the first chapter. A bit average in the idea department. Backstory of Sombra and the Crystal Empire. I did really like chapter five. It was a simple trick, but effective. Though just going to that one chapter and reading it will ruin the impact it has. It is a context dependent moment.

The Sun Shines Over The Delaware by Anemptyshell

Run away! This is very badly written. Kind of a cool concept though. That the North American continent that the British colonize is actually Equestria. However, the writing was so bad that I couldn’t finish this. In fairness of the contest, it was author skill failure and not concept/premise failure.

Careful What You Wish For by Cloudhammer

This was pretty good. Simple concept, fun to read. Could have been a bit longer, but probably not too much before it felt stretched.

Strangely Familiar by Silent Strider

Hmm. Mixed feelings about this one. The writing is a bit rough, even bad in places, but it has such interesting ideas that it almost balances out. It is a concept that really needed a much longer story. It really just throws too much stuff at the reader constantly with no real sense of coherence.

By The Power Of Patriotism! by RainbowBob

This was very funny in a stream of consciousness sort of way. Needed a editing pass, but otherwise not bad. Enjoy this quote: Celestia rolled her eyes. “Trust me, after you’ve been Princess of Thirty-Minute Emergencies for as long as I have, this type of thing becomes almost like instinct at this point. Although, I give this particular event props for including zombies.”

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Posted by on July 14, 2014 in Books 2014, Ponies, Reviews


One response to “Most Dangerous Game Stories #01

  1. Present Perfect

    July 14, 2014 at 7:50 am

    Yes, chapter five of A Princess in Time is one of the ballsiest, most memorable, and most effective moments in MLP fanfic I’ve ever come across.


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