Most Dangerous Game Stories #02

15 Jul

The deluge continues. I’m finding it odd that so many of the stories combined several prompts. At least two stories tried to use all of the prompts in one story. Which strikes me as odd since I would have thought the better idea would be to focus on a single one and add more depth through actual plot and characters. Maybe I’m just misremembering how many did the multiple prompts thing, but it has been noticeable at the very least.

Fading by Rinnaul

This one might be the best so far. Mostly because it is simple and sincere. Have to wonder about all the human stories. Was it what most of the authors submitted, or did I just hit a group of them? This one is a bit sappy, but I liked it. Hope it isn’t in the top ten for the contest though.

In Memoriam by Bachiavellian

Interesting bit of pony history. A look how things might have been before the rule of the princesses. A snapshot of the world at a moment of crisis. Lots of interesting bits of worldbuilding in this one. Oh, and a scene with a adorable young Luna.

In Between by M1Garand8

I’d love to read more of this. It’s a cool alternate version of Equestria. A few bumps, but overall was a fun read. The best contest fanfic so far, but a good margin.

All Skin and Bones by Redsquirrel456

This was really good. A great example of a story told by implication. The story here is not the events written about, but the events and world that led up and surround it. A lot of good worldbuilding here. I expect this will be one of the top five stories of the contest. I hope not the best since I have a lot more to read.

Exchange by Murba

A bit of a high concept story. Pretty good, though a bit rough at the start. I suspect that the stories for the contest were a bit rushed and did not get the usual editing attention. Still, that is a minor thing. The concept in this story is a very interesting one and I was suspecting a darker ending than what actually happened. Which is a good thing for a story, a surprise ending that makes sense.

Rest for the Weary by Nightwolf289

This was simple, but also sincere. Would have liked a bit more, but it might have worn out it’s welcome pretty soon. Have to wonder if this counts as a human in Equestria story or an OC alicorn story, or both. I did like the idea that Fluttershy had a brother in the Royal Guard. Was a nice touch of worldbuilding at the end.

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