Most Dangerous Game Stories #08

21 Jul

The end is in sight! Not sure I’m going to read the last dozen or so stories. Still haven’t made up my mind. Either way, once the last of the reviews has gone up I’ll do a post where I just list my top picks and my middle picks. The bottom fanfics will not be mentioned.

Beneath Harmony by Rootbeer Dew

This was okay. The mythic stuff was interesting, but much to narrow and brief. The part with Twilight Sparkle was faithful to her character, but was frustrating because it doesn’t really go anywhere. Writing was pretty good though.

The Young Filly and the Sea by Georg

This author remains one of my favorites. He is really, really good at the simple slice of life stuff and is pretty good with sweet romance. The actual romance in the story is more implied than anything. I’d say this story only barely slips under the requirement for the contest. Really good story though. Wish it was longer. Then again, I want this author to be writing the sequel to one of his other stories instead of writing brand new stuff. I have to admit that him joining the contest is probably unfair. He’s written what is possibly the best OC and Twilight romance I’ve read, so he basically had a head start on everyone else. This one is highly recommended.

Of course, if you abhor meandering slice-of-life with no real story to it, you should probably avoid this one. And as I mentioned elsewhere, you really could cut chapters two and three off and you wouldn’t lose much of anything. In fact, it would be stronger as just a slice-of-life moment of Twilight as a foal.

Foals by Scarheart76

This one has potential, but seriously needs editing. It’s full of typical beginning author mistakes. Yet the story seems to be interesting and the author at least has the right idea of how things should go and how characters should act. Just needs the skill and practice to actually get that across to the reader. The author’s notes even say that it’s a first draft that the author intends to rewrite and do as a longer story after the contest is over. I will be interested in seeing what comes of that. I’m not sure I’d recommend this, given all the stumbles, but I do want to see the finished version however far down the line that happens.

Two Roaming Souls by Belligerent Sock

Another one that reads like the first chapter of a much longer fantasy epic. Writing is pretty good and the author nails a really good version of an older Spike. Really wish there was more of this. So many questions, in a good way. Not to mention this is all setup, so final judgement would have to see how the author pays it all off. This is balanced so fine on the potential coolness that it could swing either to really good or really bad.

Home by KitsuneRisu

Huh. That was an interesting take on the human in Equestria concept. Horribly depressing as well. Good writing, though. I spent most of the story wanting to smack our perspective character, but at the end there was only sad. Plus, perhaps, a glimpse into a could-have-been. I’ve never been as bad as what we see here, but I’ve found myself thinking a few of the things we see the main character thinking in my day-to-day. Like almost word-for-word once or twice. So many I’m a bit too close to avoid the fairly blunt sads.

A Brush with Beauty by Burraku_Pansa

Another story where the human in Equestria concept is applied in a psychological fashion instead of literal. Liked this much more than the previous one. Not a whole lot of actual story here, but was still a worthwhile read. The shift between dialogue and narration was a little clumsy, but I think it only happened twice so it was easy to forget after each time.

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