Most Dangerous Game Stories #09

22 Jul

Well, did not get lucky with this batch. I think it was during these that I started pondering just not reading the last dozen or so. I’m a dozen fics past these by the time I’m writing this up, and I think I’m just going to cheat. I’ve got seven stories to go and the previous two I read were not very good so I give up. I’m checking PresentPerfect’s review post to see if any of the final ones are worth reading. So tomorrow’s post will be the last set of stories from the contest, then back to our regularly read horsewords.

Entertainment for Immortals by Saakra

This isn’t very good. Actually, it was pretty horrible. I think it’s trying to be an absurd crackfic but the author doesn’t have the skills to pull it off so it just comes off as terribly written instead. I would not recommend this one.

Sir. Lancealot the 1st by Leonardo Oliver Osborn

Ha! I review the stories the other reviewers won’t. Here on this blog we review all the stories in the contest. Or, you know, I could say that if I didn’t actually tell the other reviewers where to find it and they already put out their reviews of it. Well, stalled long enough. To the story.

This is very badly written. It is either a parody or a crackfic gone horrible wrong, or someone with english as a third language. I only got halfway through before giving up. I suggest you read TWILIGHT SPARKLE FIXES EVERYTHING instead of this.

Johnny Never Knew What Hit Him by Horse Voice

Starts a bit cliche, but the ending was interesting. Not in my top ten for the contest, but I’d recommend it. Another story where the human in question focuses on the fact that the ponies have really big eyes. Which seems like an odd thing to put the focus on, that cartoon characters have unaturally large eyes. I mean, that’s like the most realistic thing about the MLP ponies.

Weeping Fire by Civviq Writer

Well, this story doesn’t have a dull premise. And now I’m out of nice things to say about it. The author seems to have been trying to be witty and/or clever, but didn’t get anywhere near pulling it off successful. Would not recommend.

Servant of Chaos by Yukito

A bit simple, but it had an interesting idea at the core of it. If you don’t mind the rough writing and slightly odd first-person perspective, you might give this a try. Certainly gave me some fuel for my headcanon about the discord era of history.

Prologue: A New Life by Super_Big_Mac

This story earns points for ambition and creativity, just not a lot of them. I’d rate it as decent, but nowhere near great. Gets a bit too meta (sort of) and rough writing quality in general. Still, not a bad read if you can follow it.


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2 responses to “Most Dangerous Game Stories #09

  1. Present Perfect

    July 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    I have reason to suspect Leonardo Oliver Osborn is Russian, so second language would be the culprit there.

    Also haha, yet another shadow council I am part of. 😀

    • Griffin

      July 22, 2014 at 8:28 pm

      Possibly, but I used English as third language intentionally. I’ve seen people with English as a second language do better than that. I suspect that it might have been slightly poor writing on top of English as second language, but I went for the dramatic denouncement instead.


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