Dangerous Game Stories final scores

23 Jul

And, as always, this is a very basic sorting. Mostly from memory of the titles. The individual reviews are a little more specific and I’d be happy to drill down on a specific title or give a more specific recommendation if anyone is interested. Also, I didn’t list the ones I didn’t like or thought where horrible. I try to be fairly positive. Build up what I like instead of tearing down what I don’t like. Counting it up, looks like I felt that about 1/6th of the stories were fun to read, and a total of 2/3rds were not a waste of time. Which is better than I thought it would be after reading some of the remaining 1/3rd. You mileage may vary of course. Turns out I just like stories about alicorn mythic stuff or just worldbuilding.


Succession, by Archonix
All Skin and Bones, by Redsquirrel456
Remember Vigil, by Supersnot
For Whom We Are Hungry, by Cold in Gardez
Time & Disregard, by RazgrizS57
The Young Filly and the Sea, by Georg
Two Roaming Souls, by Belligerent Sock
The third alicorn, by Monokeras
Ascension, by BlazzingInferno


Conditionally Recommended:

In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep, by Lucky Dreams
Exchange, by Murba
The King in the Mountain, by Carabas
Red Tornado, by Alaborn
Wish Unfulfillment, by hazeyhooves
By The Power Of Patriotism!, by RainbowBob
Careful What You Wish For by Cloudhammer
Fading by Rinnaul
In Memoriam, by Bachiavellian
In Between, by M1Garand8
Rest for the Weary by Nightwolf289
Returning with Purpose, by Tineid
Happily Ever After… by spideremblembrony
In Times of Need, by Pascoite
Far From The Tree, by Aquaman
Tainted Reflection, by Imperaxum
Faun, by Present Perfect
Beneath Harmony, by Rootbeer Dew


These have one or two good bits, but maybe not worth the time to read:

A Princess in Time by NorsePony
Strangely Familiar by Silent Strider
And the Prarie Grass Blew, by Avid_Reader
Fingers, by WiseFireCracker
Trial by Flower, by AugieDog
Outlier by FanOfMostEverything
To Love the Sun, by Magello
Awakening, by Razalon the Lizardman
You Are A King by Kalash93
Foals by Scarheart76
Home, by KitsuneRisu
A Brush with Beauty, by Burraku_Pansa
Johnny Never Knew What Hit Him, by Horse Voice
Servant of Chaos, by Yukito
Omega-7, by KaBar41
Mush Story, by Dafaddah
Prologue: A New Life, by Super_Big_Mac
Our Little Accident, by JMac
A Sparkling Gem, by Havok SCOUT


Union, by JakBed96
The Price of Harmony, by Quill Scratch
Special, Deluxe Special, by DeluxeMagnum69
Those Forgotten, by shinygiratinaz
Wander, by Jet Howitzer
The Hunter’s Story, by Borg
And That’s How Equestria was Made…, by Dusty the Royal Janitor

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