Pony Stories 185

25 Jul

And back to our regularly scheduled pony fan fiction thoughts. Pretty much all of these I read either before or during the first bits of the Dangerous Game Contest, but wanted to do the game stuff all in a row.

Glimmerhorn Vale by Abalidoth

This was okay. Another story that was decent, but just a little off. The emotional bits needed a bit more context and/or buildup. The worldbuilding and magic stuff as well. Plus Twilight is a little dumb here. The story covers that Trixie was not raised by unicorns, so Twilight is teaching her about one of the sacred Unicorn places. Which at sundown starts draining magic from both of them. Twilight doesn’t warn Trixie, even though it was covered that Trixie has no knowledge of this, and when Trixie resists Twilight doesn’t explain what is going on. Just says ‘stop fighting it’ to Trixie. So I’d call this 80-90% of a good story and still fairly readable. I can’t help but consider Trixie one of the greatest stage magicians ever. She’s convinced a huge portion of the fandom that she has amazing magical powers based on a single stage performance.

Nightmare State of Mind by Jetfire2012

This story surprised me. In a good way! Very well written. This author still has a gift for immersive description. Highly recommended.

The Sun Never Sets by Jetfire2012

A Very interesting far future story. Well, moderate future anyway. A few centuries from the show. I would love to know how the situation in this story happened. It is such a wonderfully written story that my mind instantly accepted that it had a history and I wanted to know more about that history. I wanted to know why Princess Celestia and Princess Luna aren’t around anymore. Not to mention this is probably the best magic-technology version of Equestria that I’ve seen so far, even if you only get little peeks at it.

An Inconvenient Dash by ssjgokillo

I really liked this one. The main romance is a little cliche, but I enjyoed so much of the little details that they made up for it. This story did a really good job portraying all the characters who showed up. Even the mane six who just had a single brief scene, or were mentioned in passing. This is a shipping story, but a good one.

Twilight Sparkle Goes to Bed by Agent Bookfort

This was, well, this was a story in the same way that a glass of water is a tasty drink. Technically true, but with no real substance. A tiny bit of fun language use, but not really worth all the time reading it. However, if the premise amuses you it is a very short read that might get a chuckle.

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