Pony Stories 191

02 Aug

And now we go back to pony for a day. First story was just a whim, but the other four (five!) are the start of an attempt to cut down my to-read list on fimfiction. Decided to sort them by wordcount and start working my way up from the bottom. The bottom all seemed to be around 1000 words, so it should go quick at first. Oh, jeeze. I had a horrible idea for a fanfic. No plot or anything, but a character name. Story where the main character’s name is Lavender Unicorn. Maybe she goes on an adventure with her friends Orange Pegasus and Brown Earth Pony.

Dangerous by totallynotabrony

This is almost a textbook example of a beginner writer’s attempt at a story. Looking at the author’s previous stories they have been writing for a while, so I’m not sure beginner is exactly the right word. This story was very amateur, but in the just getting started fashion. Basically just a story about veterans and society. Writing was not so good. It was filled with all the mistakes my editor keeps pointing out in my stories to fix, though mine aren’t as bad as this one. So, not recommended unless you really like the premise of Twilight Sparkle trying to make friends with a veteran from the pony army. Not even any cool worldbuilding, it was basically just taking American army stuff and copy-paste into MLP. Go read A Cup Of Joe instead, it’s a much better treatment of the subject on several levels. Mostly because Cup of Joe has several levels.

The Cellist Said Yes by psp7master

This was decent. The writing good, but lacking originality. The story didn’t have much character voice, but it flowed pretty well. Plus it was nice and short. If you like Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, you should certainly read this. If you don’t, well, you might enjoy this but you aren’t missing anything if you skip it.

Roar by Loyal

Pretty good. I’d almost call this RUN light. Got the same sort of sense of stylized storytelling from it. Not that it was as good as RUN, but if you like that one you might want to give this a try. Though the Dark tag is justified. Though I did have one nitpick. If Rainbow dash is bad enough to be hooked up to medical machines and apparently can’t fly, why is she still living alone in her cloud house? I’m pretty sure her friends would want to keep her company as much as possible if she was that injured, and not being able to fly makes living in the sky really unsafe and the house is fairly isolated being so far away and nopony can really just drop in to visit except for Fluttershy. Anyway, the writing was pretty good.

Numbers by The Quill and Sofa Shop

This falls under the category of ‘functional’. A few mistakes in the writing, but overall decent. It’s a little cliche in places, but still has some emotional impact. A lot of it comes down to it just doesn’t feel like it has much pony in it. I’ve read good war fan fiction and even tyrant Celestia fan fiction, but it needs to be very careful in how it bridges the gap between show and the darker themes. This doesn’t do that at all. It’s basically just two pony names in a generic war setting. It’s a good start to the author’s writing though, since it is apparently their first fanfic. With practice this author will get quite good at being a writer.

Tuesday by Bok

The description for this story is completely accurate. Just a story of the main character going to the grocery store. The writing isn’t good enough to be all that engaging, the character isn’t given enough depth to be interesting, and there really isn’t anything else there. This story is the literary equivalent of a room temperature glass of water.

The Collected Poems of Maud Pie by Titanium Dragon

Another confirmation that poetry just isn’t for me. These were all decently written (or so I assume given what I’ve heard) but just didn’t do it for me. If you like poetry, check this out, but if you don’t, you can probably skip it. Falls completely outside of my own tastes, so unable to really judge it one way or another. As mentioned, I’ve heard this was good from people who do like poetry.

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