Pony Stories 194

07 Aug

Once again, my brain saw I was getting complacent and decided to throw another challenge at me. So I decided to put all the books on my calibre to-read list on my kindle and I’m going to spend the next few days simply powering through them. We will see how long I last, since these are mostly ones I added because of how I was doing the big master list before, so they aren’t exactly cleared for quality. Those will probably be showing up in a few days. In other news, almost have 2000 stories on the big master review list. That with the pony stories 200 post coming up makes me want to do something special. Was considering maybe doing a reading of a story, actually put up some non-text content. Got a decent voice, or so I’ve been told. Only question is what would I read? Almost considered making it a contest, but then I remembered I’m lazy and coming up with a contest would need actual effort.

Shattered by SilentBelle

This is a story with ambition, but doesn’t quite reach it. It is a somewhat powerful character piece that is just kind of off in my opinion. Still a good read, still has some feels, but it just felt like it was next door to the really big impact it wanted. A little too much vagueness, a little too much metaphor for my taste. I’d still give a recommendation. It’s a good short bit.

Turning The Page by Arcainum

I liked this one. A tiny little quibble about the start. Why would you treat meeting yourself from the future as a diplomatic event? I mean, how would you even get warning it was going to happen? Anyway. Besides that this was a nice short bit that shows an interesting idea. This is a good example of how to do really short fiction. Just enough to unfold a neat idea, but not enough time to fully explore it or let it drag.

Pity the Rain by Daemon McRae

The writing is a little rough, but it was somewhat enjoyable. The ending was not what I was expecting and was worth the build up. Mostly.

What’s In the Box, Miss Sparkle? by RaspingLeech

Not bad for a short little piece. It just could have been so much more. As a long story with more build up and detail it could be really good. As it is, it’s a bit lacking. Interesting, but I never got a feel there was a connecting thread under everything. It was just some random ideas the author had and stapled together. Well, not random I guess. They are all from the same story, just not the right bits of the longer story to make a coherent shorter one.

Sincerely, Starswirl by Mr Afro Pony

This was decent. A bit predictable, but with solid writing and it really does feel like there is a world behind the little sliver we get. Perhaps a bit cliche, but any immersion is to be praised. Especially in a work this short. Got a feeling of both a past and a future from it. So I’d recommend this. It’s short, so one way or another it won’t take much time to read.

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