Pony Stories 196

09 Aug

Gonna catch up to PresentPerfect any day now! Just have to do the math and…. Carry the two… If I read twenty fanfics a day every single day, and PresentPerfect doesn’t read any… I might catch up by the end of the year. That seems a little unfeasible. So on to plan B. Which is not have silly achievement based goals like that and just read stories that sound neat and hope they are good and then tell other people what I thought. To quote a piece of fan fiction:

Twilight Sparkle: “I never bothered to talk to other ponies who had read the books, I just read them and enjoyed them my own way”
RainbowDash: “You’re boring”

Two Mares on a Bench by Alaborn

Going through the really short stories on my to-read list has been interesting. This is another one I liked. Writing is a little rough, mostly due to not having enough time to develop things. Yet the story gives a sense of who the characters are, what has happened, and a fairly satisfying conclusion. I’d recommend this one, in spite of the heavy fandom reference near the end. That was laid on a bit heavy for my tastes, but still executed fairly well.

Blitzkrieg Poison Kills Assassins by cleverpun

Fun little comedy. Nothing deep, but the bit at the end of Twilight and Rainbow talking about the movie was pretty funny.

Of Suns and Squids by BronyWriter

This was nice. Writing was a bit rough, but as a brief character study of Princess Celestia it works well. Plus I did like the bit at the end when we find out who gave her the present. Was a good version of a character that wasn’t so nice in the show, and still isn’t nice here, but there was a layer of goodness mixed in. I’d recommend this one as a somewhat clever short piece.

Mother of Nations by Benman

This is the sequel to Mortal, and it is a good sequel. I liked it quite a bit. I was expecting something different than what I got (the story description is a little misleading, but somewhat on purpose I suspect), was expecting something a little darker I think, but it turned out to be very balanced. One of the major points is that all the oldest immortal alicorns are in all the important positions and the young ones aren’t able to do anything important. One pony comments they he could invent something new and become an expert in that, but he really likes a particular existing project and wants to be a part of it even if he never gets to do more than the equivalent of grunt work for it. He just wishes that he could do the more important bits. So even the immortal paradise of the alicorns isn’t perfect. The endless conflict remains between how we wish the world would be and how it really is. Only with immortality there is always a chance to change one side or the other of that situation at some point in the future.

These two stories are one of the best looks at transhumanism I’ve run across, pony or non-pony. They are short, effect yet not deep look at the subject. Mostly a positive look with this second story, but balanced enough to show that it’s not all good. I’d love a third one of these even if I’m not sure where it would go. Just would love a proper novel-length story in this world instead of the little snapshots we got in both of these. I might be a little biased though. This is the closest I’ve seen to my ideal transhuman and/or post-singularity society in any fiction. I think my single favorite part is the hints that alicorns are truly immortal, that they simply cannot be killed at all, and Celestia doesn’t know (or understand) that.

So this one is very highly recommended. Just read Mortal first.

Longevity by RainbowBob

Basically a reversed version of Sun Princess by Skywriter. Not as good, but that’s a very high bar to reach. This one had me feeling sad, which is all you can really ask for in a story like this. Mostly got me because the idea of someone simply not understanding something important that happens is freaking heart-breaking to me. Understanding is the key to everything. Ignorance can be cured, but understanding is a much more basic thing. Didn’t seem forced or just pulling on my heartstrings either. Well, no more than the premise indicates should happen. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a sad fanfic.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 196

  1. xjuggernaughtx

    August 9, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    You should just always tally your count to one fic higher than PresentPerfect’s. Or count chapters instead.

    • Griffin

      August 9, 2014 at 9:08 pm

      Seems like either of those would take work. I think just pretending to ignore the situation is a much better idea for a lazy person like me. At least until I catch up, then I can start gloating.


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