Pony Stories 198

14 Aug

Well, have to put out my own content today. Which is probably easier than adding another 100 reviews to the big master list, so we’ll call it a win-win situation. Just four stories today, the same ones that have been slotted in for the last two or three days and got bumped for the new additions for the big master review list.

Big MacIntosh’s Strange Day by HiddenBrony

This was okay. Writing wanders a bit more than I like. I’d call this another average story, but it’s okay.

The Cough by Ebon Mane

This was really short. Somewhat effective too, if not quite as emotion-grabbing as it wanted to be. I really like plague/disease as a world ending scenario, in stories I mean. So I would have liked this as a longer story to add context and details. Not sure I’d recommend this one, but I thought the end had a bit impact to it.

Ponies of Faith by JohnPerry

Short and silly slice of life. I’d recommend this, mostly because it’s just long enough to be funny, but not long enough to drag out or even get comfortable.

Clink in the Brain by Cloudiest Nights

This is a nice character study of Twilight Sparkle that was nearly crippled by the style/form the author picked. Despite that it is a good exploration of what Twilight’s life growing up might have been like. Recommended with the caveat that you might find the style of the writing a bit annoying. I thought that the emotional stuff showed through despite it.

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Posted by on August 14, 2014 in Books 2014, Ponies, Reviews


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