Another reviewer

16 Aug

Woo! Another day of riding on someone else’s content. Another reviewer just got the attention of one of my many spies, and will be added to THE MASTER LIST. Okay, yeah, the all capital letters is pretty impressive. Anyway, this reviewer has a fairly brief yet analytical style. Almost bullet points, but covering all the bases you would need to know to judge a story and-

Holy Celestia! He reviewed one of the Lunaverse stories. Someone besides me will have a link for a Lunaverse story on the big master list. Nevermind about the details, we’ve found the current second best reviewpony. It’s this guy. Best reviewer is still Chris over at One Man’s Pony Ramblings, obviously. Seniority and all that.

Reviewer in question is GrimWolf, with both a fimfiction account and non-fimfiction blog. His current review tally as of this post is below the break.

And I realize that each new reviewer I add to the big master review list makes the chances even worse that someday there will be a story reviewed by everyone on the list. It’s nearly impossible at this point anyway, given two of them aren’t updating at all anymore and they don’t have any overlap.

Found on the blog Grimwolf’s Den:

Doctor Whooves – The Series: Episode One – The Pinkie Conundrum by Loyal2Luna
Burden of the Sun by TheGreatEater
Bon-Conception! by TheGreatEater
The Lunar Rebellion by Chengar Qordath
I Am Not the Actor by cleverpun
And That’s Terrible by InsertAuthorHere
Celestia Hates the Sun by Masterweaver
Wolf In Pony’s Clothing by Ardashir
My Little Medic by CommanderX5
Cidershy by Salivanth
The Third Generation by Candle Light
The Numbers Don’t Lie by shortskirtsandexplosions
Pinkie Pie is Adorable by Diablomuerte2
Princess Celestia: Sorceress Supreme by spideremblembrony

Found on his fimfiction blog:

Tales From the Phoenix Empire by Chengar Qordath
Title Match by Zap Apple Smash
Moonlight by JasonTheHuman
Dances With Rainbows by alexmagnet
How Hard Could it Be? by Richardson
Maledictum Insania by Nero Darkard
Looking at the Scars by Karrakaz
Three Sisters: The Three Sisters: Like Fudge by Wanderer D
Celestia’s Teeth by Abalidoth
Know your Mare by Overlord-Flinx
Tethered by shortskirtsandexplosions
Scootaloo’s Parents Are… by RavenGuardian17
Just One Chance by Ekhidna
Gift by shortskirtsandexplosions
The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments by Wanderer D
The Steadfast Sky by TheGreyPotter
Silent Ponyville by SamRose
Thirty Moons by MythrilMoth
Double the Greatness by DerpyDitzyDerpyDo
Eyes On You by UnlicensedBrony
The Deletion of Suri Polomare by Alex Warlorn


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2 responses to “Another reviewer

  1. Chris

    August 16, 2014 at 4:36 pm


    • Griffin

      August 16, 2014 at 6:05 pm

      Obviously obviously.


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