Pony Stories 211

29 Aug

Signal Boost time! If you have any interest in movies or the theater, you should go check out the YouTube channel Cyndi On Tuesdays. The official grand opening is Labor Day, but there are a handful of videos up now. Cyndi is an actor that’s been in the business for quite a while, both stage and screen. Now she’s adding YouTube to her list of conquered venues and you should check out a video or two before she gets mainstream popular. Three pony fanfic reviews below the break. Spoiler: I didn’t like any of them, you should probably just go watch some of Cyndi’s videos instead of reading any of those fanfics.


Girl Talk by Riter12pl4

Short, simple, and could use a lot of work. There wasn’t much flow to it, and often I was confused as to who was speaking. Unless you really like this particular AU and these characters, I’d skip this one.

We’re not your parents anymore by Warampharos

Didn’t finish this one. Which says a lot since I grabbed it off the low wordcount end of my to read list. Do not recommend. The writing is just, well, fairly bad. Author needs more practice in showing instead of telling.

The Enjoyable Morning Of The Sun Bearer by Fantasia Archsage

Good first line, I can believe that’s how Princess Celestia greets each day. I just can’t see Princess Celestia as wanting to stay warm after getting out of bed. I don’t actually see her getting cold short of being encased in solid ice. Ugh, another one that’s not very good. Better than the previous one, but much the same problems. This one was pretty much all passive voice. Or so I think. I really need to get a better grip on passive vs active voice. Anyway, another one that I can’t really recommend. Did finish it though, but only because it was so short.

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