Pony Stories 215

03 Sep

This is the intro bit.

Roll for Initiative by Prak

A fun story. Hits good D&D right on the head of the nail. Gets it nearly perfectly. Wish my current gaming group was as bouncy fun as the mane six’s group. In addition, Fluttershy playing a barbarian is just awesome. I have to say I wish more of it had been just the six of them having fun playing. With as little as possible with the group conflict with Princess Luna. I don’t like that sort of thing, and I get enough of that with my current group. Sort of. So this is a case where not wanting my fanfics and my life overlapping too much.

Still, if you like ponies and you like D&D, this is a story you really should read. Highly recommended.

Returning Away by Hawattie

Another story from the low views end of my to read list. I’d call this predictable, but a competently written. The author could use some practice in trimming paragraphs, but most of the emotions came through quite clearly. I’d recommend this, but with the warning that it was somewhat predictable. Nothing amazing or all that original here. Plus another mention of ponies waving their arms around. That’s one of my little annoyances. Ponies don’t have arms.

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