Pony Story 216

04 Sep

Let’s make sure I replace the temporary intro bit marker before this one goes live, alright? Dang. Didn’t even notice I left that in place for yesterdays until I popped to the blog to write this one up. Too late to edit now. I try to only do that early in the day. Or to mess with your heads. And now for the continuing struggle against the to read list.

Twilight’s Monster by Fuzzyfurvert

A uneven, but interesting story. I ended up liking it. It’s a alternative universe where Equestria is a horrible dystopia. Which makes it the third or fourth book I’ve read with a similar premise. The romance is well, not really a romance. It’s basically the most shallow and cliche of shipping cliches. The story starts in media res, and the moving around along the event timeline does the story no favors. Despite that, I enjoyed the story itself. Not to mention that the world is shown with a fair amount of subtlety and skill. I’d recommend this one, but not strongly. Cool ideas, some good writing, but uneven and needed more time to unfold in a more linear fashion. This would be much improved as original fiction, but you’d have to add a bit explaining alicorns and different types of people. The treatment of pegasus and earth ponies is one of the better bits of the story, in that it’s never outright stated but demonstrated. The writing of this story is uneven, but that specific part is one of the best demonstrations of show don’t tell I’ve seen.

Hearth’s Warming Eve by Faindragon

First off, Pony O’Presents is possibly the least creative name for pony Santa Claus ever. As for the rest of it… Eh, the writing is decent. Style is a bit interesting. Sort of snapshots of moments instead of a continuous story. I do have issue with the fact that Applejack would, for years, lie to her sister about such an important thing. Or that Big Mac would go along with it. Or that it would never get talked about in town. So I wouldn’t really recommend this one. The writing is good enough to at least take a look at, but the story just bothers me. It does deserve at least a few more views than it has.

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