Pony Stories 221

10 Sep

So, stumbled onto a Elder Scrolls / My Little Pony crossover fanfic. Haven’t read it since it isn’t finished. So just added it to my to-read list. However, I have this feeling I have now and again when I see a new fanfic I might enjoy reading. You might be familiar with it yourself. The ‘no matter how good this story is, it won’t be as good as the version Cold In Gardez wrote’. In this case, The Wind Thief was a wonderful Skyrim / MLP crossover that was so good it got me playing the game again, and I’ve read the story three times at this point and am eagerly awaiting the sequel. If the elder schools fanfic finishes up I’ll probably read that as well, but I’ll be struggling not to compare it to CiG’s story. Because, really, that’s hardly fair.


Where You Can’t Follow by AbsoluteAnonymous

This has been on my to-read list for a long time. Decided to finally give it a read. It’s really good. A fairly sad kick to the gut, wonderfully written. Just a short little piece that had me wanting more. Not because I wanted more, but because part of me wanted there to be a solution. A happy ending that somehow makes the story brighter. Just need to copy/paste the artificial wings from Earth & Sky and everything will be fine. Anyway, if you want a sad fic involving Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, this is the story you should read.

Stargazing by Karrakaz

Another really short one. A moment between Celestia and Luna, back before Nightmare Moon. A look at how becoming rulers might have affected their relationship. Just a snapshot, but a decent one. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for some royal sisters fluff.

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