Pony Stories 225

19 Sep

I keep thinking how cool it would be to have a single story have a solid row of review links on the big master review list. Then I realize that two of the reviewers on the list are no longer active. One simply stopped updating, and the other is the Pony Fiction Vault. Plus they have no overlap in the stories they covered. So, the only way to get a review from everyone on the same story would be to have it be one of the few the non-updating person reviewed, then get everyone else I’m covering to review it, then somehow convince RBDash47 to do one last extra entry on the vault. Or maybe just on his FimFiction blog for simplicity. Ah, I can dream. I’m not sure what it says that my ambitions are getting other people to do work because of shallow aesthetic annoyances on my own blog space.

Also got all my reviews linked to the list. I had gotten even further behind than I thought. Almost 20 posts behind, so had to ad 30-50 links. At least it was a bit of feeling useful that I can whack at the depression with. Back, back, into the pit with you foul thing, I can actually accomplish things so shut up! I wonder if talking at your emotional states is better or worse than just talking to yourself.

Cross Words by Alaborn

This was pretty good. I found it a little disjointed and a bit disappointing in the worldbuilding aspect. The alicorn stuff isn’t all that interesting or amazing. Not bad, just a little below the admittedly high bar I’ve got for being cool alicorn stuff. My favorite part is actually the very start of the story. The idea that Twilight has a weekly get together with Cheerliee and the Mayor. I had never considered it before, but that group makes a lot of sense to me. Cheerliee and Twilight would get along because of their shared love of knowledge and learning, whereas Twilight and the Mayor would probably get along because Twilight is used to being around much more important ponies so the Mayor is just a normal pony to her, which might be relaxing for the Mayor.

Half Minute Horses by TheSlorg

Huh. I’d recommend the first parts of this story, but at about the halfway point I was really wishing it would be over. To explain the main problem I had with this story will have some spoilers, but nothing major. To start with some basic stuff. For a comedy, you can either take a ridiculous situation and play it straight. Or you can take a normal situation and treat it crazy. This one tries to do both. It’s a silly situation from a game that’s a straight wacky comedy, then tries to treat it wacky for most of the story, then at the end we find out that the stakes are real and we should have been taking things seriously? Sort of? I was honestly hoping that the entire thing was a joke or prank being played on Twilight by Celestia and Luna. That’s what it feels like for most of the story honestly. Then it all wraps up and nothing has really happened, been learned, or changed. If you like the time loop stuff, go read Hard Reset. If you like comedy, go read something else. In fact, not sure I’d even recommend the first few chapters. I liked the concept of the video game this is based on, but I only managed to play it for like a half-hour before it got old. This story should have been twice as long and should have been a straight wacky situation comedy with no real world-ending threats. It would honestly not surprise me if the author started with one concept (Celestia and Luna playing a world-ending prank on Twilight) and he either lost interest or simply couldn’t think of a good reveal, so he just ended it in a dull generic fashion.

Looking at the Scars by Karrakaz

A story where the author’s ambition outpaced their skill. Which is something that should be encouraged. That said… The writing needs more than a little work. The story is just a moment between Celestia and Luna, but they aren’t presented all that well. There is a interesting bit of worldbuilding that is almost used as a throwaway feature that I found really interesting. The idea that all the stars in the night sky are Princess Luna’s happy memories. So this is a somewhat recommended if you aren’t really strict about writing quality.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 225

  1. inquisitormence

    September 19, 2014 at 7:21 am

    Your Cross Words review appears to be clipped.

    • Griffin

      September 19, 2014 at 8:49 am

      So it does. Must have be an autosave glitch. Let’s see if I can fix it.

  2. TheSlorg (@TheSlorg)

    January 1, 2015 at 1:42 am

    Ah, you disliked Half Minute Horses for the very reason I enjoyed writing it. Anyone can write a crack fic, and anyone can write a serious one. I liked the idea of sending the reader one way, but then hammering home the actual stakes toward the end.

    Guess it didn’t work for you. Ah, what can you do?

    I just had fun writing that one.

    • Griffin

      January 1, 2015 at 12:12 pm

      True, and you enjoying writing it is the important bit!


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