Pony Stories 227

22 Sep

This is the intro bit. Which is how you know I’m completely out of content to put above the break. So you’d better just head down to get to the two pony fanfic reviews I’ve got for you today.

The Carnivore’s Prayer by Cold in Gardez

A very powerful story. Made even more so by lacking a obvious strong theme. A lot of authors would have tried to put a message of some sort into a story like this, but this one doesn’t really have a ‘this is what it all means’ feel to it at any point. It has plenty of emotion, plenty of meaning, but all of it comes out of the story naturally rather than driving it. The literature equivalent of a person who lives their philosophy instead of teaching it. Both ways still get the philosophy out there, but one shoves it in your face and the other you have to guess at it. The story is dark, but highly recommended.

More Than A Dream by nanashi_jones

I really enjoyed this one. Just finished it and I’ve got that odd mix of satisfied and sad that I often get when finishing up a story that really grabbed me. On a technical level it could probably use more polish, but it managed to click with me enough that I spent the entire day reading it practically cover to cover with only minor breaks here and there. The plot is a bit standard, but I thought the characters made up for it. All the characters were expressed excellently. A bit cliche, but closer to the archetype side of the spectrum. Easily recognizable without being one-note jokes. At least in my opinion. If you like very nuanced characters, this will probably be a bit simple for you. As I said, I liked it and I enjoyed it despite the plot and deus ex machina at the end. I mean, when the source material has deus ex machina as regularly occurring event, I’m not sure I can penalize the fanfiction too much for the same thing.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 227

  1. Present Perfect

    September 22, 2014 at 8:30 am

    The synopsis of that second fic sounds a lot like Five Score Divided by Four.

    …Which I just realized takes place after “season five”. Wow.

    • Griffin

      September 22, 2014 at 8:37 am

      They do seem to have similar premises. I will point out that More Than A Dream did get started first. I’m tempted to read Five Score just to see how they compare to each other. It’s a bit long though, and it’s not like I’m hurting for things to read.

      If the show continues past season five, will they have to add AU to the tags on that story?


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