Pony Stories 244

13 Oct

One of the things I would do with a time machine is even out the stuff I find. Like, some days I have absolutely nothing to put in these intro sections. Other times I find myself with too much stuff. Such as now, when I’ve got like a week worth of stuff I want to cram into three days. So I end up shoving it into future posts. Such as today! Really it’s a trivial thing. Over on THE MASTER LIST guests viewing it show up as guest (animal) if they show up while I’m there. Most of the time it’s normal stuff, but recently there was a Guest Axolotl. Which is cool. Not an animal you see referenced that often. Well, unless you read the Skin Horse webcomic.

Also, curse you anonymous narwhal! Someone’s been looking at the big master review list for hours and hours lately. I half suspect someone has it open in a forgotten window. The problem is that I try not to do the big full list sorts while someone else is looking at the list. Don’t want to bother them. So if you are the narwhal, thanks for spending so much time looking at the big master review list. Hope you find some interesting reviews.

Fly Away by ZAquanimus

A somewhat scattered story. If this was about 4 times as long and more focused, it could have been really good. Needed about twice it’s length as a lead-up and another length at the end for reactions and follow-up. It’s just kind of unfocused and makes a lot of assumptions without really supporting them. I really liked the first part of the story that was Scootaloo’s morning, but when a Wonderbolts tryout got shoved in I lost interest.

Abracadaver by Obselescence

Heehee. Silly absurd concept that had me giggling pretty much constantly. Plus the end was great. Not exactly a twist, but awesome anyway. Funny how easy I accepted this version of dark magic loving Twilight Sparkle. She’s not evil, just likes experiments and studying all kinds of magic. Highly recommended if you like absurd comedy.

Reconstruction by Befallen Tragedy

A decent, if somewhat generic look at how the Nightmare Moon rebellion might have ended. Average quality, maybe a little under average if you’ve been lucky enough to read mostly good fanfics. If it had more content it would have been much better. It implies a longer story that could have been interesting.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 244

  1. Present Perfect

    October 13, 2014 at 7:51 am

    For the last four or five months, there’s always been an anonymous user in my review spreadsheet. It bothers me. D:

    • Griffin

      October 13, 2014 at 10:04 am

      Yeah, that would bother me too.


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