Pony Stories 247

18 Oct

Hello. I just want to say thank you all for being intelligent, creative, constructive, and more or less optimistic. The cool pony stories most of you post are neat too. I’ve skimmed a few people’s blogs on FimFiction and was once again reminded what the baseline standard for people online is. Which reminds me how lucky I’ve gotten to mostly follow and read the stories and people I read and follow over there. Also made me realize that if I go into the group forums and stuff I could probably find more written reviews of ponyfics, but that’s waaay too much work for me. I’ll probably go through all of EQD before I start linking forum posts on a regular basis. Canterlot Archives got a pass because I liked the name of the group. Pity it seems mostly dead, but hey that means less reviews to link. Every cloud has a lazy, lazy lining.

That Nagging Feeling by GeodesicDragon

I was expecting a much more comedic story for some reason. This turned out to be fairly bland. If you want decent (but not good) bland, go ahead and give this a try. Probably safe to not, though.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by A Hoof-ful of Dust

This amused me. Nice Lyra & Bon Bon comedy. Did like this version of Lyra. Seen some similar variations that I have also enjoyed. A little excitable and doesn’t stop to think things through to any degree. Just a pony whose brain works a bit askew compared to other ponies.

Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum

I almost didn’t finish this one. The writing quality in the first couple of chapters was bad enough that I almost gave up several times. Glad I didn’t. It gets better as the story goes. Never gets really good, but enough that I could ignore it and just focus on the story. The only technical problem I continued to have is the story was told in first-person perspective, but the perspective character changed around. The problem being that the author never really got good enough to give each character their own voice. So I had trouble telling who we were seeing the story from in places.

Aside from that, I enjoyed up enjoying this story. Even when the writing was hitting me in the head with a baseball bat I wanted to know how it all ended up. So the author gets points for taking a interesting concept and doing interesting things with it. I prefer the humans-are-ponies in More Than A Dream by nanashi_jones. Mostly because that story was a lot more… speedy? It had a good excited keep things going energy from what I can remember. This story wanders about a lot. It’s really more focused on the characters becoming ponies and everything that entails than the plot.

Apparently this story was big/popular/whatever at one point. Or still is? I only ran across it from a single comment on this here blog by someone. I can see how it would be really popular though. Quality wise… doesn’t really deserve it, but as we all know quality isn’t the reason things become popular. This has enough good virtues that I don’t get mad that it’s popular. If people like it, cool. It’s got some cool ideas and even if it’s a bit wobbly in execution it does keep to a lot of the themes of the show, friendship and persevering against dangerous obsticles. All that fun cliche stuff. Still, even though I ended up moderately enjoying this I enjoyed More Than A Dream a lot more. Though neither one is going into my all time favorites.

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  1. Present Perfect

    October 18, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    I only know Five Score through Cyborg Samurai’s The Last Crusade, which is a side story that follows the plot of the original and tells the tale of the side characters. It’s pretty good, but I’ve got plans to read the original sometime soon.


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