Pony Stories 249

20 Oct

Finally got around to seeing both Equestria Girl movies. First one wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be, which was nice. That art style still kinda weirds me out but I’m getting used to it. Lucky Applejack, getting to be a people color. I’ll put my random ramblings down after the reviews. I didn’t react to the two movies as I expected to. Which on one hand is good, but on the other hand I got those expectations from listening to other people talking about them online so I might be a little away from what other people thought.

The One Pony You Never Prank by Deep

Eh, just gave up on this one. Not bad, though maybe a bit below average. Mostly just boring as heck.

Soarin’ with Apples by Allonso Bronyguy

Pretty decent. Fun Soarin and Applejack shipping story. Almost proper romance even, though a few cliches do pop up. Plus waiting the first third or so of the story for Applejack’s boyfriend to get out of the way was a little frustrating. I was expecting Soarin and Applejack romance, so was pretty much assuming something would happen about the coltfriend she’s got at the beginning of the story. After a while I actually considered that it might have been a fake-out and the story would be about Soarin finding somepony else. I also liked how the epilogue started with a callback to a dream soarin had earlier in the story. A nice little ‘dreams vs reality’ sort of comparison.

My Domestic Equestria by Pascoite

This was another ponyfic I read out loud to my mom in the car. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Though kinda jealous. Kid gets ponies, model trains, and a pith helmet? On top of an awesome dad, that’s a great childhood. Have we started the drawing of straws to be the one who teaches him to ask his dad what ‘clop’ yet? That point is several years in the future, but we gotta start making preparations now. Anyway, very sweet story. Not exactly ponyfic, but all childhood cuteness. With moral lessons that are good for everyone to learn! Well, one anyway.

Equestria Girls: Random thoughts during the movie, mostly the first half. With some elaborations later.

That’s why I like this show so much. The little touches. Like the Transformer transform sound when Pinkie Pie unfolds herself out of the curled-up position she was in.

Opening credits are pretty neat.

Would have liked if they had refered to it as the element of magic instead of her crown all the time.

Twilight resting on her hands and knees after first becoming human was a nice touch. Just a little unconscious four-leggedness. The more purposeful crawling after that was a nice joke, but it was the automatic position right after she recovered that was the nice bit.

I like that Twilight actually thinks about why not to tell people the truth about where she’s from. Sure, it would have been easy to simply say the crown was hers and she lost it without going into details. But I like the direction she was thinking in. Not simply trying to convince someone of her crazy story right away.

The meeting human Pinkie Pie was done very nicely. Great job of doing toned-down Pinkie Pie weirdness.

Rainbow Rocks

So, now that I’ve seen both of them on the same day with a couple of hours between them I can weigh in on the subject. I honestly liked the first one more. The villains were cool and I do enjoy battle of the bands plots and it had good music. Just found the actual writing and pacing to be worse. As cliche as things were, the story of the first one actually flowed really well. The first one was cheesy and simplistic, but it felt like a decent movie. This one really just felt like a very long advertisement pushed out just because the property owners wanted another movie. I know that both of them are just toy advertisements, but the first one did what the show manages to do a lot of the time and produce a creative work despite its origin.

There were some individual scenes I enjoyed. I liked the battle of the bands song montage, the one where we see who advances and who doesn’t. My favorite is probably when Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle have the bonding moment, being the two sides of the same target of other people’s expectations. I honestly though Twilight was going to ask for help with the magic. In fact, I spent most of the movie waiting for Twilight to bring Sunset into the group more. Not just at the very end have the accidental join up push. Ah, my brain just spit out what I want to say. Equestria Girls had good build-up and one things flowed nicely to the next. Rainbow Rocks things just kinda happened because the script said so. What I really, really wanted was to have Twilight Sparkle actually step out of the band and let Sunset Shimmer take the lead position. A continuation of the two sides of the same coin that was shown earlier. Letting her redeem herself in the eyes of the school by taking the same position as Twilight had taken against her. Guess I really wanted this to be a Sunset Shimmer redemtion story instead of the cliche thing we got.

But, backseat story writing is plenty easy. I was just disappointed. Seemed just shallow and cliche and choppy. There wasn’t nearly as much humor either. Or at least it didn’t seem so. Still, I do have to admit that Sonata Dusk was pretty awesome. Oh, another thing I liked was Twilight using her fists as hooves whenever she gets surprised or isn’t thinking about what to do with her hands. It happened more in the first movie, but pretty sure I noticed it once or twice in Rainbow Rocks.

Final thought? Rainbow Rocks had a lot of stuff that worked in bits and pieces, but I thought Equestria Girls did a better job at being more than the sum of it’s parts. Oh, and another thing. Rainbow Rocks gets two negative points. The first? That promotional clip with the Flim Flam brothers? They never show up in the movie! Dangit. The second point taken away is that at no point in the entire movie, where the big event is a battle of the bands where there are several big entrances to be made, not a single time does a band rise up in the middle of the stage from under it. Not once! That’s just a criminal waste of opportunity. I mean the girls were down there already! That should have been their big comeback reveal.

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One response to “Pony Stories 249

  1. Pascoite Fics

    October 21, 2014 at 8:25 am

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see this story making the review rounds. It was fun to write, but never really hashed into anything too refined. Maybe that suits the subject matter. There is a rather good moral here for everyone, though: you need a pith helmet.

    I’m not sure which Equestria Girls movie I liked better. I’m definitely with you in that I was just waiting for Twilight to draw Sunset into the band or ask for her help with the magic much sooner. Then when it finally came time for her to save the day, it just felt forced. I’m also with you in that the Rainbooms should have ridden up to the stage on a lift, already rocking out. A few too many fandom references for my taste, and it was odd to finally give Octavia a voice but conspicuously leave out so many others. I thought it did a better job of evening out the action, providing a well-developed reason for the antagonists’ actions, and not having a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it final confrontation. And then deus-ex-machina Vinyl Scratch happened…

    Adagio was basically the same consistently evil bad chick that Sunset had been, and Aria didn’t add anything by being there at all, aside from maybe shifting the majority of the group to that personality. But Sonata was a nice foil to have.

    Pluses and minuses to both, but I liked the second movie somewhat better.


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