Pony Stories 254

25 Oct

I’ve gotten all caught up on the big master review list. All sync’d up with my calibre library and everything I’ve reviewed is on there. So you all know what that means. Time for my brain to come up with more work for me to do. I’m gonna start posting stuff over on FimFiction. Main new content is going to remain over here on the personal blog. Decided I’m gonna do reruns of my old reviews in batches of 5 with the daily link to the new stuff here. I can’t schedule the posts on FimFiction like I do here, so they won’t be nearly as regular. Still hoping to manage them every day, but when during the day will probably vary wildly. Is there any way to backup the FimFiction blogs? So that if FimFiction’s servers get obliterated by meteor strike I don’t lose anything I put up there? I couldn’t find anything like that but figured I’d ask you people who use it if there’s some secret password for the good features.

  • Trixie Discovers She Is A Genius by The Delirium
  • Turn The Page by Whiteout
  • Tick. Tock. by Pseudo_Nym

Trixie Discovers She Is A Genius by The Delirium

Short, silly, and is actually too long for the one decent joke it has. Writing is decent, it flows well. Call this a popcorn fic.

Turn The Page by Whiteout

Decent writing, neat little concept, a little cliche. Not a lot here, but a short enough read that its not disappointing.

Tick. Tock. by Pseudo_Nym

I really liked this one. It’s got the whole ‘weird things happen in Ponyville and the town is used to it’ vibe that I really enjoy. Plus the ending is very sweet.

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Posted by on October 25, 2014 in Books 2014, Ponies, Reviews


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