Pony Stories 262

04 Nov

Just noticed that I hit a number-based milestone yesterday and didn’t even notice except by accident. You might notice at the bottom of each post they are tagged with categories. Reviews, ponies, games, that sort of thing. Well, yesterday was the 300th post that I’ve put in the ponies category. Which means pretty much nothing since it doesn’t match up with either the amount of pony reviews or the amount of review posts I’ve done. Just thought it was an interesting little tidbit perfect for the intro bit. Still not quite at 3000 stories on the big master review list. That’s holding just under 2800 at the moment. I’m tempted to actually try to run a contest for it. Something like, recommend me a story and if it’s the 3000th one on the list you win a prize. Or if you are the reviewer who I add the 3000th story from you get a prize. Just trying to think what a good prize would be that I could actually manage. Plus I think the author of the story should get something too. Decisions, decisions.

  • He Gave Her A Rose by Regidar
  • Momma by 5thwriter
  • Autumn’s End by Martian

He Gave Her A Rose by Regidar

This is a really good story. The writing is very evocative. It is also full of meaning, some of which I know went right over my head. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a bit more weight in a story than usual in a fanfic.

Momma by 5thwriter

Sort of a Chrysalis redemption story. Not in reforming her to the side of good, but painting her as misunderstood. It doesn’t do it very well. What we saw in the show is basically incompatible with what we get in this story. Not even any cool worldbuilding bits. Which as I’ve mentioned is the main draw of changeling stories for me. I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you really like Chrysalis stories.

Autumn’s End by Martian

A soothing piece. Got me all contemplative. So, good writing and a wonderful invocation of what is just a moment in time and emotion.

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