Pony Stories 265

07 Nov

Another day, another three pony stories read and reviewed… and another five old reviews put up on FimFiction… and probably several reviews from other people added to the big master review list. Plus all the cross-checking to make sure the stories I read are put on the right bookshelves, and my Calibre library has all the correct information with it, and make sure some of the posts are cross-linked correctly with each other.

Man, reading was much less complicated in the days before the internet. Now onto today’s covered stories:

  • Big Brother Best Friend… Forever? by Karrakaz
  • Through the Night by Cynewulf
  • The Incredibly Valuable Contract of a Sellsword Changeling by Comma-Kazie

Big Brother Best Friend… Forever? by Karrakaz

A moment of Twilight Sparkle’s foalhood from her father’s perspective. It is very sweet, but not majorly touching. Pretty much just a nice simple slice of life with young introvert Twilight. I liked the comparison with the fairly social and outgoing Shining Armor and the very much not-outgoing Twilight. Still prefer the DONE! versions of their parents, but that might be because I just re-read Parenting Is Easy, I Swear!

Through the Night by Cynewulf

This wasn’t as sad as I was expecting. I thought it would be about Rainbow Dash not having anypony special in her life because of her career as the Wonderbolts. Instead it is about her struggle to balance her career and spending time with her marefriend. I enjoyed it as a nice light read. Could have done without the magic headphones for her to listen to music while on the flight back to Cloudsdale.

The Incredibly Valuable Contract of a Sellsword Changeling by Comma-Kazie

So much cool worldbuilding that the story just mentions in passing. Which is the proper way to do worldbuilding. I want to read more about Freeport and the city-states outside of Equestria. It’s also got a pretty neat experience of the Changeling hivemind near the beginning. This is a side story for The Life and Times of a Winning Pony by Chengar Qordath, but I think it would work fine as a stand-alone. Mostly because it’s a prequel. You’d miss a few details, but nothing real major. The only part I’d explain is that Chrysalis created some intelligent free-willed drones as better spies and they rebelled and became independent agents.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, this story does spoil one of the big reveals in Winning Pony. So if you have any curiosity about that story read it first then come back to this one. If you have no interest in that story, and like Changelings, go ahead and give this a read. It’s nice and short. It also has something of a gimmick in that it’s written in first-person perspective, but the viewpoint character uses ‘this one’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘myself’.

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