New Reviewer 6: Reviews Take Manhattan

11 Nov

(Whoops. Misscheduled this one. Wait, I mean of course this was up at 9 like it was supposed to be. Anything else is crazy talk)

Saving me from actually doing work! I’ve been pointed towards someone else doing reviews. Which is probably a good thing with the universe trying to thin the reviewer population. Take a look over at BlinkyPony and their nicely organized user page. With links to various posts and everything. While skimming that blog for the review posts, since I only just now noticed the review post links (yeah, that made me feel dumb), I found that BlinkyPony is a bit negative-focused. Not just in the reviews, but in general. Finding just a ‘this is cool!’ or ‘I am excited about this!’ type of thing anywhere in there was nearly impossible. The reviews seem nicely written. Longer than the short blips I do around here. Though not nearly as focused as what Bradel is starting to do. Hmm… The rest of this paragraph turned into a rant about only vaguely related topics. So let us just move on to the listing of stories BlinkyPony has reviewed.

Oh, and the street fighter quote used for the first review post title is one of my favorites, so bonus points for that. Oh, and two of the below reviews I ended up not adding to the big master review list. I tend to be a little hit-or-miss with the mature/clop ones so at least I’m consistently inconsistent.

But For Me, It Was Tuesday: Feature Box Special
“If you ain’t got anything nice to say…” by ManlyDerp
Adventures in Homeownership with Sunny Skies and Dusky Sparks by Honey Mead
Tastes Like Chaos! by Wing Dancer
Letting Go by Kyronea
Mi Casa Es Su Casa by Akumokagetsu
Why Do I Like Horse Women? by Chengar Qordath
The Treble With Siblings by TittySparkles

Late To The Punch, Once Again: Feature Box Special #02
To Romance A Magician by Mooncalf
So…What do I do Now? by Dr Atlas
The Mane 6 Visit a Strip Club by Shardz
Yaerfaerda by Imploding Colon
Rarity Loses Her Virginity To a Poker Game by MrNumbers
Absolution 2 by ed2481
Warmongering by BronyWriter

T’was Not A Charm This Time: Feature Box Special #03
The Continuing Adventures of the Most Insane Human to Ever Appear in Magical Horse Land by midashguy
Applejack Goes To Magic School For Some Reason by JasonTheHuman
Gender Change by Lilsane
Passing the Time by Rinnaul
I’ll P.T. You All Until You F****** Die! by Sgt GobSmacker
Room For Rent by Anonymous Pegasus
Twilight Catches Spike Having A Wet Dream by ZuTheSkunk

Five Minutes To Midnight: Feature Box Review #04
Ancient Power by TheBigLebowski
Just Roll With It by sunnypack
Abracadaver by Obselescence
Commander Hurricane Fucks Every Mare In Cloudsdale by Cloud Hop
Luna’s Return Trajectory by Stainless Steel Fox
Friendship Lesson #101: Heated Situations by Alcatraz

The Box Never Changes: Feature Box Special #05
Eternal by Pastel Pony
Break the Cycle by Cerulean Voice
Pink Is Too Sweet by Marshal Twilight
Gleaming Shield’s Teats by MadMaxtheBlack
“Ultimate Power is Finally… Mine?” by FoughtDragon01
Cards Against Equiniti by Door Matt
Suicide By Goddess by kudzuhaiku
A Canterlot Breeding by NeverClever
Everypony Cuddles, Sometimes by shortskirtsandexplosions
Everything for a Princess by Spectrum Shine

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