Pony Stories 270

13 Nov

One of the interesting things about doing the R4 posts over on FimFiction is that it’s letting me look over the stuff I read a while back. Seeing what I recall about the stories I had mostly forgotten about (or actually still remembered). Mostly interesting because on some of them I have better memories than I apparently rated them at the time, or sometimes I remember either nothing or slightly worse than I apparently felt right after. The memory and taste is such an odd thing.

On a completely different subject, it’s annoying when someone reviews a story of one of the other reviewers. Because I normally check the list by searching for the author’s name. Except if it’s a reviewer then the find function hits all of their review links. PresentPerfect is, of course, the worst for this. Because if I search for the title of the piece I can’t be sure if it’s not on the list, or I got one letter or space wrong. Gah! I’m tempted to review every single one of his stories just so I know they are all on the list. First world reviewer problems I guess.

and another thing! You people need to stagger your reviews out more. I got nothing to add to the list, nothing to add to the list, nothing to add, then *boom* three people do review posts all at once. Get yourselves organized down there!

  • Love’s Sacrifice by azidae
  • Homeward Bound by Karrakaz
  • Cold Hearted by Europa

Love’s Sacrifice by azidae

Another story in the genre of pondering Alicorn immortality and cosmic-ness. This one has an interesting angle, that falling in love has made Cadance mortal. The musing from Celestia at the end has some interesting bits, and is a interesting angle on her mentor/student relationship with Twilight. I’d mostly recommend this one if you like that sort of thing. Just don’t expect too much. Just a few little worldbuilding tidbits about alicorns.

Homeward Bound by Karrakaz

This was a nice sweet slice-of-life story. Shipping, but nicely done. One of those where you have to take the relationship as already in place, but the story does a good job showing how the two of them feel about each other so it doesn’t feel forced. Plus it’s always nice to see a story explore just how much work Fluttershy does taking care of all the animals she does. Fluttershy in particular was written quite true to form, as was most of the other stories. Plus a teeny-tiny bit of Twilight Sparkle and Rarity shipping which is always fun. It was long enough to build up some emotional interia, but not long enough to drag on. It certainly didn’t feel even as long as the wordcount says while I was reading it.

Cold Hearted by Europa

Interesting origin story for Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis. One or two surprises. I liked that Princess Celestia wasn’t transformed by any outside force, but instead was concealing herself. That was a nice little touch. The only deus ex machina was at the end, which I would have changed a little, but not having one involved with her being an Alicorn was very cool. Blueblood has a little part near the end which was low-key and I’m not sure how well it fit him. Good writing, interesting concept, certainly worth a read. Not sure I’ll be reading it again anytime soon, but glad I read in the first place.



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3 responses to “Pony Stories 270

  1. Present Perfect

    November 13, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    PresentPerfect is, of course, the worst for this.
    Ain’t I a stinker? 😀 Also, I like your plan, you should do that. :V Don’t forget to do every one of my speedfics, too~!

    • xjuggernaughtx

      November 13, 2014 at 8:48 pm

      Oh, sure! Suck up all the reviews, Present! What a jerk!

      • Griffin

        November 13, 2014 at 9:12 pm

        To be fair, PresentPerfect does account for like 40% of all ponyfic reviews at this point.


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