Pony Stories 274

19 Nov

Double review time! You know, conceptually speaking. Here above the break I’m gonna talk about the movie I just saw. Down below the break will be those vague brief ponyfic reviews you all come here for.

Just got back from seeing Big Hero 6. Really enjoyed it. Beautiful character designs, wonderful animation, incredible sound design. Plot was a bit simplistic but manages to have real emotional depth in spite of that. It is obviously a kid’s movie, but I doubt that will be a deal breaker for anyone who has enjoyed watching magic cartoon ponies. Plus any movie that has the theme of science is good, nerds are cool, and angry revenge is a poor idea. All good things in my book. I also enjoyed that the micro-bots never flew. Wasn’t magic nanotech, but semi-plausible modular mini-robots. I’d recommend that you go see in while it’s in theaters if you enjoy the trailers (trailer 1) (trailer 2). Plus it’s got a lot of funny moments.

Today’s reviews:

  • Lily Valley Goes Shopping by AJ Aficionado
  • Dear Dashie by Posey
  • What Would Daring Do? by CommissarAJ

Lily Valley Goes Shopping by AJ Aficionado

I’d guess this is the story of an author who is just starting out. Has that mix of sincerity and lack of skill. Falls in the category of I’m not sure I’d recommend this one, but I’m looking forward to seeing more stories by this author when they’ve gotten more practice.

Dear Dashie by Posey

This treads a fine line between emotionally touching and tugging on heartstrings just to get a reaction. If you are at all sensitive to contrived emotional poking, probably should avoid this one. It also is right between cliche and concise. So, I’d call it an average fluff fic. No real substance. The kind of fanfic that uses the source material as a crutch rather than a foundation.

What Would Daring Do? by CommissarAJ

Decent story. Writing was a little rough. Typos and wrong word choices were an occasional hazard through most of the story. Nothing major, but every now and then one would pop up and derail the flow of things. Story was also a little predictable. Still, had decent emotional build-up. Starts with a bit of ‘and these ponies have feelings for each other’ abrupt start, but after that it does a good job doing proper relationship build-up. Rushed, but it’s there. So, recommended for shipping fans. The transitions between the Daring Do book Rainbow Dash is reading and the story itself are a little jarring, but I think that’s mostly due to the epub not having the scene break lines in it. In addition I had one other nitpick. The story used anyone and girlfriend instead of anypony or marefriend. It’s a silly thing, but the silly wordplay is something I enjoy in pony stuff.

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