Pony Stories 277

21 Nov

Fun fact: Editing a post over on my wordpress blog (where you are now) the shortcut ctrl-s saves a draft of the post. Helpful since I don’t want to lose work. However, over on FimFiction when I’m editing a blogpost over there guess what ctrl-s does? That’s right, it just posts what I was working on. I’ve only mixed them up twice now, but it’s still embarrassing. I’m just glad that it seems that the notification for posts to followers waits a few minutes before actually sending it out. So I can just quickly delete and post when I actually finish.

Reviews today:

  • Groundbreaking by AugieDog
  • The Weed by PaulAsaran
  • Stormsinger by Airstream

Groundbreaking by AugieDog

This was pretty good. Another story about the aftermath of Twilight’s library getting wrecked. Involves some earth pony magic, but nothing amazing. I’d call this an average fanfic. Something nice if you want just a spot of pony to read. Does have a good Granny Smith in it.

The Weed by PaulAsaran

This was nice. Not to mention and unusual pairing. Which amuses me a bit more than it should because in the Lunaverse AU, Carrot Top is the Element of Generousity. If you like shipping stories you should give this a read. I’d even recommend it to someone who is a bit on the fence about it and willing to give a light shipfic a try. Not quite deep enough to be proper romance, but it isn’t *bam you are in love now* either. A bit heavy on exposition, but it does have a good emotional foundation. The usual trying to cram a entire lifetime of romantic feelings into a single short story sort of thing.

Stormsinger by Airstream

A follow-up to the stories Lines and Webs and Dusk’s Dangerous Game by Airstream. I was hoping it would be the finale part of a trilogy. In fact, it reads like the first book of another trilogy. With only a little connection to the previous stories and pretty much no connection to pony. I liked it, but this is basically original epic fantasy fiction. No real use of the three pony tribes. The only distinction between ponies that comes up is can they use magic or not. Unicorn or non-unicorn. Not in a overbearing way, just that magic is the only distinguishing thing talked about. Plus the ending was basically a cliffhanger. The entire story is setup and exposition to describe the characters and world. Almost all of it unconnected to pony except for Discord. He’s the only thing of substance that remains from the source material , and even then it’s just a touch. Celestia, Cadance, and Luna are there, but only as fellow rulers and we don’t really get any sense of them as anything except exposition conversationalists. Well, not entirely true. Cadance still has some personality I can see coming from the princess of love. Story was decently written. Took a bit too much time to get up and running, but I never felt like it was really dragging. Just that at the end looking back it felt like only a half of a epic fantasy novel worth of stuff happened. Plus way too much of the stereotypical ‘this is important but the author wants to be all mysterous with it’ sort of thing. Strange magics nobody explains, but are basically just plot devices.

There will have to be a sequel. The ending was pretty much a dramatic ‘dun dun duuun!’ and I’m not sure if I’m interested. I enjoyed the first two stories because I thought it was an interesting take on a darker version of Equestria. I thought the second one ended confusingly, but on a good note. Except for one vague dangling plot thread things were pretty much wrapped up. Now this has nothing but dangling plot threads and has almost nothing of pony in it that I enjoy. Which seems to be a running theme of my reaction here. Not enough pony. I enjoy epic fantasy when it is interesting. This was cliche dressed up in decent writing and neat ideas. Not original or wildly creative ideas, but neat nonetheless. So… If you like epic fantasy, give this a read. No real need to read the previous two stories. Nothing need-to-know carries over. If you want good clever pony fan fiction? Ehhh… Probably can give this a pass. I enjoyed reading it, but after finishing it up I was disappointed.

After thinking about it for a while (this bit written a while after the above) I’m just more and more disappointed by this one. Everybody wears clothes and a pony’s outfit is often the majority of their description. Heck, some of the characters I’m still not sure what type of pony they are, but if I really thought about it I bet I could get a vague mental picture of what they wore. So, frustrating that a good story is sliding down to a decent story in my head.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 277

  1. Present Perfect

    November 21, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Oh man, maybe that ctrl-s thing is why I randomly posted a blog early once. :B I have a tendency to reflexively hit that combo, and usually it just tries to save the webpage.

  2. Soge

    November 23, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Too bad about Stormsinger, I was looking forward to start reading it, but I guess I will either give it a pass, or leave it on the “Maybe someday” list.

    • Griffin

      November 23, 2014 at 1:06 pm

      Well, I’d suggest giving it a try next time you are in the mood for a more traditional epic fantasy. It is a good story, just kinda fails as pony fan fiction.


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