Pony Stories 279

23 Nov

Uh-oh. My readership numbers are going down. The reviewer Illuminati will add me to the hit list if this keeps up! There’s only one solution! Keep doing the same exact thing and hope things improve with no extra effort on my part. The plan is fool-proof!

Big master review list has gotten past 2900 stories on it. I should count how many reviews total it’s got on it sometime.

Today’s reviews:

  • Cheerilee’s Thousand by xjuggernaughtx
  • Scootaloo, Where Are Your Parents? by nanashi_jones
  • Onto the Pony Planet by Admiral Biscuit

Cheerilee’s Thousand by xjuggernaughtx

Heehee. Lots of fun stuff in this. I’d read one of the guest author chapters before, but this is the first time I’ve read through the whole thing. Totally worth it. Even had some continuity, which just led to even more hilariousness.

Scootaloo, Where Are Your Parents? by nanashi_jones

Pretty fun. Poking fun at Scootaloo orphan is always good for a few giggles. Plus this had nice concise rapid paced writing. Just bing bing bing as it flowed along. Which I enjoy quite a bit.

Onto the Pony Planet by Admiral Biscuit

Augh, another abrupt ending. The story is marked incomplete so there might be more chapters. Felt a lot like the ending of the previous story. This one was good, but not quite as good as the first one. It dragged a little more. Mostly because of the lack of focus. Previous story had a tight focus for most of it. Pony and human talking, a few scenes of what they did apart, then pony and human talking more. This story has almost four or five perspectives and/or plotlines it bounces between. One of which is entirely unnecessary. I’m sure the investigation of their disappearance from Earth will tie in later, but at the moment it’s just slow and drags the whole story down because it’s not actually connected to anything. The last half (third?) of the book also deals with Lyra’s court martial. Which drags on and on as well. No one part of it is completely unnecessary, but it could have been compressed to just a chapter or two and nothing of value would have been lost. I did enjoy the story though. Just think that some parts of it would have worked better as related short stories instead of woven into the main story. The author seems to be fairly used to the traditional novel/book form of storytelling. Whereas I’ve learned to enjoy and see the practicality of some of the different forms we get to see expressed in fan fiction. The main story with related short stories is actually one of my favorites.

Anyway, I would recommend this one if you enjoyed the first one. It doesn’t answer any questions, and things move at a mostly glacial pace, but it is well written. The problems are merely extensions of the few flaws in the first one. So if you had trouble getting through that one I’d recommend not moving onto this one unless you really wanted to know what happens next. A pity that this one is just getting finished up. The author said he pictures it as a trilogy and I’d love to read the final volume (and the rest of this one) right away, but none of it is written yet. I suspect I will have forgotten about it by the time the third story is finished. Still, it got me wanting to get back to my own writing. So that’s a plus. Hopefully the motivation will carry me far enough to turn into actual action.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 279

  1. Aragón

    November 23, 2014 at 11:15 am

    “There’s only one solution! Keep doing the same exact thing and hope things improve with no extra effort on my part. The plan is fool-proof!”

    This is exactly what every single college student I know does whenever there’s a problem, and so far, it’s always worked!

  2. Logan

    November 24, 2014 at 6:47 am

    I’m a big fan of Cheerilee’s Thousand. Inevitably the occasional chapter misses the mark, or one of the guest writers doesn’t quite spark, but it has a pretty good hit rate. I’m almost surprised it hasn’t become the basis for a fully-fledged universe.

    Big master review list

    Ooh, that reminds me: I noticed recently that a few of mine are missing from the list. Do you have a specific contact address for things like that, or should I just mention it in these comments, or what?

    • Griffin

      November 24, 2014 at 9:09 am

      Mention here, or PM me over on FimFiction. Either way works.

      • Logan

        November 24, 2014 at 10:55 am

        Okay; thanks!


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