Big Master List update

24 Nov

Well, fun with the big master review list continues. Thanks to those that helped spot reviews I had missed. Not to mention another round of going through PresentPerfect’s spreadsheet to see which ones of his I’ve missed. Sometimes I feel like Ahab. I also discovered that nearly 40 stories on the big master list don’t have any reviews linked for them at all. Weird. Going to have to either find the reviews I missed or delete them. Which means not quite as close to the 3000th story as I thought. Edit: actually, adding in almost two John Perry Suffers posts, I’m pretty close. If I get the reviews I’m missing for the stories listed below I think the list will be in bucking distance of 3000 stories.

Anyway, new features of the list. Each story now has a total number of reviews of that story in place, that column having the total number of reviews for the entire sheet at the top above the ‘Total Reviews’ label.. That’s still in development so it may or may not be there when you check. Fun trivia fact: The story reviewed by the most people is In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep with 9 reviews. The second place is a tie between 7 stories, each having 7 reviews. Likewise, 6 stories have 6 reviews each. Kinda weird. No stories have 8 reviews.

Let’s check the stats of the list.

Total Authors: [1392] Total Stories [2967] Total Reviews: [4576]

Number of reviews stories have gotten:

  • 0 Reviews: 27 (see below)
  • 1 Reviews: 1846
  • 2 Reviews: 753
  • 3 Reviews: 208
  • 4 Reviews: 85
  • 5 Reviews: 33
  • 6 Reviews: 6 (weird!)
  • 7 Reviews: 7 (weird!)
  • 8 Reviews: 0 (odd!)
  • 9 Reviews: 1

If you are a reviewer who has covered any of these stories, please let me know:

  • A Hearth’s Warming Wassailing by Airstream
  • The Maverick by Alexstrazsa
  • Remember Me by Avox
  • Long Distance by Bad Horse
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Pinkie by Blueshift
    • One Man’s Pony Ramblings (found)
  • An Interview With Aurora by empress aurora
  • Of Vows Unbroken and Truths Spoken by Esle Ynopemos
  • Not Your Forte by Fire Gazer the Alchemist
  • Forever is Forever by Fon Shaolin
    • One Man’s Pony Ramblings (found)
  • The Ghosts of Harmony by Forthwith
  • Things Best Left Unknown by FoughtDragon01
  • Button Mash Goes To A Slumber Party by GeodesicDragon
    • John Perry Suffers the Feature Box (found)
  • Short and Bitter: A Minific Compilation by Ion-Sturm
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Stallions of Harmony – Longest Night by Jetto
  • Love, in Other Words by Mickey Dubs
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Order Chaos, Chaos Ordered! by NotARealPonydotcom
  • Two Weeks by NotARealPonydotcom
  • What my Cutie Mark was Telling Me by Quillery
    • John Perry Suffers the Feature Box (found)
  • Canterlot Lessons by RandomString
    • John Perry Suffers the Feature Box (found)
  • Rarity’s Unexpected Suprise by Redbook
    • John Perry Suffers the Feature Box (found)
  • ‘After every storm, there’s a rainbow’ by Shikilicious
  • The Trick to Rock Farming by Silent Strider
  • The Flirt by Sir Hat
  • Discord’s Day by SpinelStride
    • One Man’s Pony Ramblings (found)
  • Voyage’s End by The DM
    • John Perry Suffers the Feature Box (found)
  • Tonight by Vivid Syntax
    • The Royal Guard (found)
  • Don’t You Remember by Yipyapper
  • Evening Flames by Nicknack
    • One Man’s Pony Ramblings (found)
  • Journey Home by Bulbasaur
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Harmonic Ultimatum by ChromeMyriad
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Pound Cake’s Day by devil001
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Develop by Earl Grey
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • The Hypocrisy Of Tolerance by Estee
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • The Rough in the Diamond by NorsePony
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • The Incredibly Epic Wins of (le) (epic) Winbow Dash by NTSTS
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Silver Lining by Shumiry
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • Little White Lie by Vargras
    • PresentPerfect (found)
  • As Time Marches Onwards by KingDaddyDiscord
    • PresentPerfect (found)
    • InquisitorM (found)

Lastly, going to start adding some review group reviews to the big master list once it hits 3000 stories. Found two review groups mostly by accident and figured might as well keep track of them too. Anyone out there know of good review groups over on FimFiction? Hopefully there aren’t like 100s of them or anything.


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3 responses to “Big Master List update

  1. Viking ZX

    November 24, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Oooh, nice functionality update! This list earns its title! Maybe this’ll get some reviewers checking the stuff that’s lacking in reviews, get some competing views going.

  2. Present Perfect

    November 25, 2014 at 10:56 am

    I literally did not have time to respond to your PM yesterday, so I’ll get on that today. D: Maybe.

    • Griffin

      November 25, 2014 at 11:15 am

      No rush. Most of it wasn’t stuff you needed to respond to anyway. That and I found one of the missing ones I was looking for. Just need to know if/where you reviewed or mentioned Evening Flames by Nicknack.


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