Pony Stories 292

09 Dec

Should be getting back this evening, so tomorrow we will recommence with more interesting stuff in these here intro bits.

Stories covered today:

  • Quizzical by JMac
  • Let’s Find You a Date! by Soundslikeponies

Quizzical by JMac

This was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting something a bit too cliche, but turned out to be quite nice. Nothing mind-blowing amazing, but the main character was actually interesting. More importantly except for the main inciting event, the main character getting sent to Ponyville (which still made sense), all the events in the story actually followed what came before. There was even a good amount of foreshadowing so that nothing just came out of nowhere. So it gets major points for that. The main character actually is really similar to Maud from the show. It’s not exactly a rare personality/character type, but it was still interesting. It was written years ago, so unless the author managed to hack the post dates for the chapters of the story it was written waaay before Maud showed up.

Let’s Find You a Date! by Soundslikeponies

I swear I’ve read the first bit of this before, but the rest of the story was completely new. Either I started it at one point or there’s another story that starts with Rarity helping Twilight get comfortable with flirting. Wait, might have been A Stitch In Time. I might have to read that trilogy again just to be sure. Anyway. This story was pretty good. A bit too much awkward moment humor for my tastes and the writing is good but not great. Actually wrapped up the ending quite nice even if in the second-to-last chapter I thought it would either be a rushed ending or just stop and be incomplete. On the other hand, nothing really sticking in my head even right after reading it and I don’t think I’ll ever want to read it again. So, a ponyfic for the die-hard Twilight and Rarity shippers who have gone through all the really good ones already.

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