Pony Stories 294

11 Dec

Almost forgot to do this. After four days of not needing one, I’ve gotten out of the habit. Almost caught up on the big master review list, I think I’ve only got my reviews to add. I’ll probably even get to doing a R4 post over on FimFiction, so things are getting back to normal. Wait, need to do a R4 index post yet. In the next set of ten. Which means I’ve got 200 of my old reviews up over there. Ah, the memories.

Also, if you need a affordable Christmas present for a friend who has a ebook reader, feel free to grab one of my amazing short stories over here: My Stories I’ll be putting out a sequel to one of them sometime in the first few months of 2015.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1520], Total Stories [3273], Total Reviews: [5038]

Stories covered today:

  • All the Mortal Remains by Cold in Gardez
  • Justice for the innocent by White Wolf

All the Mortal Remains by Cold in Gardez

Pretty good. Another take on the loss of Twilight’s library. I was actually reminded a lot of For Those We Left Behind (?). Just the same idea of Twilight learning about the preivous librarian. Not quite my favorite library destroyed reaction story, but I’d put this in the number two spot. I do hope that the destruction of Twilight’s home gets at least a mention in season five, as in the loss and adjustment. I understand it probably won’t get a whole episode, but even just a scene where she mentions it would be nice. Or even just having the remains of the tree in the background in Ponyville for the season premire or something would be nice. As for this fanfic? It’s a story written by Cold in Gardez. Of course you should read it!

Justice for the innocent by White Wolf

Ow. This was pretty bad. I think I’m done with my experiment reading stories from the bottom and middle of the ratings pile. I’ve pretty much proven my basic hypthosis and have no reason to keep inflicting this kind of thing on myself.


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