Pony Stories 297

14 Dec

Since I’m probably not going to add them to the master list, too much trouble, but I wanted to at least point people at them, here is a couple of reviews for a recent write-off. Behind Closed Doors #1 and Behind Closed Doors #2 and Behind Closed Doors #3. Plus RainbowBob has done some new reviews! Adding to his total and allowing him to defeat the Royal Canterlot Library in gladiatorial combat! I think tomorrow I need to advance prep a whole lot of R4 posts for putting up over on FimFiction. Since it’s just repeats of my old reviews in easy 5-packs, I can do the majority of work ahead of time. I may not be able to schedule them over here like I can do here, but I can keep them saved in a text file. I know some people like the links to here put up over there so they get them in their notifications. So I want to keep doing that on a regular basis.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1534], Total Stories [3314], Total Reviews: [5101]

Stories I cover below the break:

  • Table for One by shortskirtsandexplosions
  • When You Fall by Kodeake

Table for One by shortskirtsandexplosions

Short and simple, but a good time travel story is always a joy. It reminded me of the old scifi story By His Bootstraps (that’s kind of a spoiler, I guess?). It’s fairly obvious who the other pony is, but what I liked is that the second time through the cafe scene all the reactions were natural. Both sides were having a conversation and the second pony wasn’t just going through the ‘script’ that had happened before.

When You Fall by Kodeake

I like Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle as a romantic pairing. I’ve read several good stories involving the two of them. This one is not one of those good stories. It’s not bad, just mediocre. It’s not quite Alien Shipping Syndrome, but we don’t get any romantic build-up at all and don’t really get much romantic pay-off either. It’s another half-a-story fanfic where the author just wrote what they wanted to focus on without any context. Read Fall Down by PresentPerfect instead.


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