Pony Stories 298

15 Dec

Another one just under the wire right before I go to bed. In other news, The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! is actually doing active reviews again, so that’s another bit of work for the big master review list. Plus putting things on my big master review list bookshelf is getting authors attention, which is nice as well. Though I’m still trying not to spam unless someone asks for it. In other other news, I’m making good progress getting all of the reviews from One Man’s Pony Ramblings on the list. I think I’m in the home stretch, which means that another day or so of hard work (ha ha, spreadsheet hard work) and I’ll be at that wonderful moment where my number is only like ten off from his number and I have to go through his entire blog looking for the discrepancy. What fun.

Stories covered today:

  • Anarchive Reigns by Aragon
  • Mistakes Were Made by Sharp Spark

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1560], Total Stories [3363], Total Reviews: [5167]

Anarchive Reigns by Aragon

A very silly story. A bit too mean to Princess Luna, but other than that I was laughing out loud for most of the time I was reading it. The formatting was a little lazy, but even that was kind of messed up on the ebook so I suppose it kind of evens out. This author has a good track record of putting out stories that are simple, a bit shallow (except for a few noteable exceptions), ridiculous, and hilarious. This is another one for that exact pile. Lots of fun.

Mistakes Were Made by Sharp Spark

A perfect example of the glorious doomed shipping that bookplayer talks about over here. Might even be where I got this story from (checked and nope). I liked it quite a bit in fact. It had enough to it that we get a feel for both of them and their relationship, but leaving out enough that the reader is left to ponder the details and wants more. It’s also a pretty good future Equestria peek, even though we only get tiny little glimpses of how things have changed for them over the years since the show.

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