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17 Dec

So, Pokemon can only say their name (Pikachu, etc). Yet in at least one episode we see that they can communicate to each other (episode with only Pokemon that had subtitles while they talked to each other). So, if Pokemon had a written language, what would it be? I mean, the communication is all tone of voice with the occasional portion of the Pokemon’s name. If a Pikachu wrote a story, would it be just the name over and over again with accents? Or would the written language be merely symbols for tone of voice and just the author’s name on the cover?

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1584], Total Stories [3423], Total Reviews: [5287]

Stories covered below the break:

  • The Hypocrisy Of Tolerance by Estee
  • Why You Cried by elPossenreisser

The Hypocrisy Of Tolerance by Estee

A sequel to five hundred murders, but not as depressing. Still, not exactly a happy story either. A great character study of Fluttershy. If you’ve read Five Hundred Murders, you should read this. If you haven’t, go read that one then come back and read this one.

Why You Cried by elPossenreisser

There is an art to writing a good first-person perspective story. This author hasn’t figured it out yet. It is a functional shipping story but the awkwardness of the prose kept distracting me. Plus the Rainbow Dash in here was a little too cliche and shallow for my tastes.

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