Pony Stories 315

03 Jan

Gotten to where my daily workload for ponyfic stuff has started pushing against my brain’s dislike for work. Which is a good thing. Need to push those boundaries after all. Gotta learn to focus for longer periods of time. Since one of the stories I read recently was Keepers of Discord I checked the top ten stories on FimFiction (rating) and looks like the algorithm got tweaked because the top ten is a lot different than last time I checked. Cold in Gardez has the top spot, which is pretty cool.

Total Authors: [1631], Total Stories [3581], Total Reviews: [5596]

Reviews below the break:

  • Regarding The Need for Sex Education by GaPJaxie
  • The Night Guard – Night Mares by Georg
  • Changeling: The Movie by Obselescence
  • The Keepers of Discord by Hoopy McGee

Regarding The Need for Sex Education by GaPJaxie

Heehee. This was laugh out loud hilarious. The best ‘Twilight goes crazy’ story I’ve read in a while. If I had infinite money, I would totally make this into an episode. It even has good episode pacing, though it might be a bit short.

The Night Guard – Night Mares by Georg

Not quite as good as the author’s other works, but I still enjoyed it. It had a lot of fun moments, a few touching moments, and fun characters. However, I admit I had some trouble getting as mental grip on the four main characters. The four mares at times seemed more like cliches or setups for jokes at the guy’s expense. Not it a shallow or mean fashion, but the assortment of character features just didn’t come together as full characters for me. Part of that was that their introduction was handled a bit too fancy-artsy with their names and appearances revealed one by one, even though all of them were right there in the scene. It would have worked perfectly in a visual format, but not so much in text form. I’m not a very visual person so I don’t know if it was their intro scene confusing my poor brain, or just a lack of focus, but I had a hard time keeping track of who was who. Still, I did enjoy reading this story quite a bit and wish it had been longer. Maybe with a hit more focus on the couple of mares that faded in into the background as the story progressed. Anyway, if you like his stuff you’ll probably like this one. If you don’t like his stuff, or haven’t read any of his stuff, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one.

Changeling: The Movie by Obselescence

Comedic Chrysalis is best Chrysalis. This was pretty funny. This is how I picture the show villains most of the time. occasionally threatening, but mostly just entertaining.

The Keepers of Discord by Hoopy McGee

Really good story. Not canon anymore of course, but still a good concept brought to life by good writing. Probably the best villain redemption fanfic I’ve read.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 315

  1. Adrian “Adrenaline” Perry

    January 3, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I seem to remember that GaPJaxie fic being pretty funny, myself. I’ve kinda been Georg’s work a miss after Monster in Twilight, though. Should I pick it back up?
    But seriously, how did it take you this long to read Keepers?

    • Griffin

      January 3, 2015 at 5:56 pm

      700+ item read later list is the excuse I’m going with. As for George, i’d suggest giving

        Genealogy – (or the Mating Habits of Nocturnes Pegasi)

      a shot. It’s different enough from Monster to give a better sense of his style as opposed to the story itself. Or

        The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian

      . Just don’t feel the need to go more than 1/3rd or so if it’s become a drag. The story doesn’t pick up later, just more of the same. I enjoyed them quite a bit, though I think the flaws in Traveling Tutor had me a little annoyed first time I read it.


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