No Reviews Tuesday #01

06 Jan

Today is Tuesday. Unless things have gone horribly wrong in the hours since scheduling this. In which case, nothing here will help you in the horrific shattered reality of your current dystopia. Try looking over at Equestria Daily. Anyway. Ahem. Today, Tuesdays in general actually, is going to be a non-fanfiction day. Might involve ponies, might not. I’m thinking it will be primarily a ramble about games day. Tabletop roleplaying, video games, or something pony that just isn’t fan fiction. Headcanon or random thoughts about the show. Today is going to be some pony rpg content. Specifically, a random adventure table I whipped up a while back in one of my stretches of thinking about running a pony game for the players I don’t have. I just took a random event table from an old D&D book and added pony stuff as the specifics.

Month wordcout for what I’ve read, thanks to picking some of the longest stories off my read later list:  300,599. I think I might actually get to a million words read by the end of the month.

To prepare adventure, roll once on this event table and once on the Big List Of Plots (Risus Companion pg. 45). For added complexity roll once or twice on The Adventure Matrix (Risus Companion pg 43) to fill in gaps. Or just use the table below and fill in the rest with your own creativity.

Not meant for long-term campaign play. After a while the events of a regular campaign should start to self-generate new adventures based on the ponies met and decisions made while adventuring. In any case, if the PCs stay in one place or re-visit the same places the GM should try to work previously known characters, families, and communities into newly rolled event results.

Event table: 2d10

02 – Divine Visitation (Princess Celestia)
03 – Changeling Revealed (Old Ways Changeling, not hurting anypony)
04 – Comet (Luna not responsible, local cause that might be dangerous)
05 – Blight (virulent disease affecting local plants and crops)
06 – Ambassador (high muckity-muck from another kingdom is in town)
07 – Sickness (one of the three pony tribes has been laid low by a disease, unicorns can’t use magic, pegasi can’t fly, earth ponies are too weak to move around much)
08 – Politics (scheme from/against the local noble that is hurting or will hurt the local community)
09 – Birth (local important family is celebrating a new foal)
10 – Rumors (criminal pony sighted nearby)
11 – Somepony wants the PC’s help.
12 – Rumors (cultists nearby)
13 – Death (local important pony died, community is dealing with succession and funeral)
14 – Marriage (big local wedding planned for just a few days after PCs arrive in town)
15 – Ambassador (minor functionary is right where the PCs are)
16 – Incursion (some swarm of magical creatures in area, breezies, parasprites, etc)
17 – Earthquake (major damage and something nearby is awake/loose that wasn’t before)
18 – Prophecy (local ancient prophecy about to come true)
19 – Changeling (Chrysalis agent, pony needs rescue)
20 – Divine Visitation (Princess Luna)

Adventure ideas:

Minor Diplomat arrives in the bar where all the PCs are. She chats and buys drinks for everyone late into the night. In the morning when everyone is waking up with hangovers the diplomat is missing and the PCs were the last one to see her. They aren’t serious suspects (unless they really should be) but it is a international incident about to explode and a villain needs to be presented to the head ambassador of that kingdom soon.

Two local powerful families are marrying their heirs to each other. Something is majorly wrong with the wedding. It involves a obscene ritual, or one side consists of weird monsters, but nopony seems to notice except for the newly arrived PCs. Wedding is starting pretty much right now and there isn’t time to go get help from anypony as bad things start to happen.

PCs arrive in a town to find out they apparently have been stealing everything valuable not nailed down. Have to avoid being arrested and the lynch mobs as they try to figure out what is going on. Turns out to be a criminal that has used a spell that makes everyone think the next ponies to come into town are doing the crimes.

Local important pony has died. Funeral is the day the PCs show up. Problem is that the family wants to put her in the family crypts, but it is the autumn equinox and the crypts are, well, filled with their dead ancestors walking around. So they hire the PCs to protect the new heir as she puts her mother to rest.

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