New Reviewer 12: Reviews in Paradise

10 Jan

We have another contender! DuncanR has finally fought his way out of the rabble to gain his own spot on the big master review list. He’s gotten to 10 reviews, the glory of double digits and seems to be going strong. I had gotten about half of his stuff before, but apparently forgot to follow him so didn’t catch that he was posting more reviews. Thanks to the assistance of a helpful citizen this has been corrected. If you haven’t seen his reviews you should check them out. He does a cool thing where he grabs a story from the feature box, then reviews that author’s least popular story. Also another one for the quality over quantity crowd. Which is always awesome.

In big master review list news, Titanium Dragon has defeated both the Pony Fiction Vault and InquisitorM in list-to-list combat! So he moves up the ranks. Look below for more information on four new contenders for the big master review list! As well as one newcomer that is in the miscellaneous section. Probably a few others I put in there as well, but I can’t remember all of them. So if you have any favorite stories, might want to check all the way to the right side of the list to see if any new reviews popped up over there.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1667], Total Stories [3678], Total Reviews: [5749]
Reviews with at least ten reviews: [32]


  • Singing Trees And Other Hearth Fire Miracles by Bucking Nonsense
  • Let Me Be Honest by Idiotcornball
  • In Celebration of a Hundred. by Karrakaz
  • Frostbite the Snowmare by ocalhoun
  • Princess Celestia is Still in Your Bed by ocalhoun
  • Pandora’s Box by Rocinante
  • Equestria’s Twilight by Sapidus3
  • Prisons by 314
  • The first day of my new life by Aragon
  • Misunderstanding by Sapidus3
  • Anarchive Reigns by Aragon
  • The Last Trumpet’s Call by Cold in Gardez
  • Apotheosis by Daetrin

My loyal legion of well-paid spies have ferreted out another reviewer who has just managed to pull himself up into the double-digits number of reviews. He’s doing an occasional post called Z Reviews.


  • Flight, Failure, Faith and Family by 8686
  • Children of the Moonprincess by Calmsoul
  • Welcome to Pony Vale by Distaff Pope
  • A New World, A New Conflict by Evowizard25
  • Amnesia: To Err by JLB
  • Yule in a Donut Shop by Rune Soldier Dan
  • The Mighty Warrior of Epicness by shinigamisparda
  • Applied Starlight by Unknownlight
  • When They Found Us by Zephyrus Scary
  • This Holiday is Going to be Perfect by Obselescence
  • Pinkie Pie is Dead by The Maverick

Foals Errand is a brand new contender, but going strong. She only started a week ago and is up to over 30 reviews.

Foals Errand

  • Luna’s Romp by -Mazer
  • Scootaloo goes to the Rainbow Factory by acreativepony
  • The Sun Mark by Agalakachikaboum
  • In The Night by Alexander
  • A Royal Outburst by Bro Dash
  • Luna’s Socks by butterscotchsundae
  • How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cake by Byakushi
  • The Creature by Critic
  • Covet by cydoniia
  • Celestia’s Cake Obsession by DeiStar
  • The Moony Maiden by Dubs Rewatcher
  • Luna’s Exciting Day by EHeroFlareNeos
  • Leapling day by Feefers
  • Princess Luna Vs The New Lunar Republic. by Foxhound74
  • A Night to Remember by GlassAlicorn
  • A chance of Cider by KMCA
  • There’s a Gamer in All of Us by Konseiga
  • An Unlikely Couple by Legacy55
  • Love and Hatred by Legacy55
  • Tonight We’re Gonna Party by Midnightshadow
  • Former Edicit by Overlord-Flinx
  • The diary of Gamer Luna. by pegasister16
  • Teddy Maid by silver-quill
  • A First For Everything – Luna’s Slumber Party by Sonic Rainblast
  • So, You’ve Grown Wings by Steel Resolve
  • Mothering Glory by storiesatrandom
  • Let Me Eat Cake! by TheBandBrony
  • Sunset Looms by TheGreyPotter
  • Luna Tries to Sleep by TheOnly
  • How Many Lunas Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb? by theswimminbrony
  • Taxing and Waning by Daffodil
  • Nightmarish by Lurks-no-More
  • The Unsuitable by Gabriel LaVedier
  • We by Sessalisk
  • The Purple Menace(s) by uSea

And a honorable mention must be paid to Anonymoose who was added, but does not have enough reviews to escape the miscellaneous category.


  • I Watch the Moon by zeus_tfc
  • One Bad Apple? by Broffalo
  • The Shimmering Regret of Shining Armor by PaulAsaran
  • Skin of Diamond, Heart of Glass by Quillery
  • Shame by Mattricole
  • Beautiful Monster by SapphireLibra3
  • Tiaras, Spoons, and Feathers by Wanderer D
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