Pony Stories 320

12 Jan

Hey, I’ve got a great idea! I’ll come up with a schedule that has me posting a lot less reviews each week. Then, at the same time, attempt to read one million words during that very same month! *headdesk* I was doing four reviews a post so my R4 posts over on FimFiction could spend some time catching up. All that together leads to my current situation of something like 50 story review in the buffer, most of which are just short little bits. So today gonna have a whole bunch of short review-reaction-thingies. Short review doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, simply that once I finished it I really didn’t have much to say. Either was too tired, or the story was enjoyable (or not) but didn’t provoke any real complex thoughts.

First Fanfic stats: Total Views [124], Thumb-ups [4] (one of which is mine, just to see if it would let me). So pretty nice start, even got a nice complimentary comment.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1669], Total Stories [3688], Total Reviews: [5762]

PonY1K by RainbowBob

Heehee. Short’n’silly. Also realized afterward how appropriate it was to read a machines gone crazy comedy after finishing off a Friendship is Optimal story. It was a nice light hearted followup that had me giggling.

An Interview With Aurora by Valinye

Basically as headcanon dump. Had some cool ideas with an interesting look at alicorn long lives. The two names other than Aurora weren’t very pony in nature, but that’s a minor quibble. This story is a nice little diversion.

Voyage’s End by The DM

Nice first contact short story. Makes me want to try reading First Steps again for another story about an Equestrian space program. For some reason space exploration SciFi and mlp mix together really well in my head.

Red Meat by Hap

Worth it just for the punchline.

Equestrian Idiot by Just A Fabulous Cat

Random crackfic. Only got 2/3rds through before giving it up as too random and stupid.

Unicorn Horns Are Made Of Candy by ocalhoun

Heehee. Pinkie Pie running wild licking every unicorn horn she can find. Short, silly, and enjoyable.

Bon-Bon Meets Lyra’s Parents by Duke of Canterlot

This was pretty short and I still gave up halfway through. Just fairly amateur writing.

A Simple Morning by Godzillawolf

Functional. A few somewhat obvious fandom references that could stand to be edited out. As a story its not bad, just kinda there.

Let Them Eat Cake by Ogopogo

Decently written, but lacks that spark. It seemed a bit dry and generic. Didn’t get any real feel of Celestia’s voice or character.

Wassail, Wassail! by Skywriter

This was pretty good, as is almost all of the author’s stories. It didn’t quite grab me though. So, basically a mediocre Skywriter fic. The usual situation of his mediocre is leagues better than most writer’s good stuff.

Brief Glimpses – An Anthology by Ezn

This was fun. Most of them weren’t even full stories, just interesting bits and fragments. I enjoyed pretty much all of them, except for the one with rude rapper Trixie.

Misunderstanding by Sapidus3

An amusing little story. More or less just humorous fluff. If you have opinions on Celestia/Twilight romance, give this a read next time you need a short diversion.

Scraps, Musings & Octavia Writes Fanfics by Wanderer D

Octavia writing Tavi/Vinyl Scifi fanfics was wonderful. I enjoyed pretty much all of these. Lots of absurdity. Plus it had a Fallout Equestria short. If you want to read some silly short pieces, this is where to go.

My Little Economy Economics is Science by mylittleeconomy

This was fun. I suspect someone with actual knowledge about economics would find it even more hilarious than I did. Not sure what else to say. The story of the first two episodes with economics terms and non children’s show silliness.

A chance of Cider by KMCA

Kind of simplistic, but functional I guess. I wasn’t too impressed with it. Was one or two somewhat fun moments.

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