Watching Episodes #02

15 Jan

If I was more clever with the computer stuff, I probably could automate like 60% of the process of making these posts. Or something like 90% of the R4 posts I put up over on FimFiction. I like to use a template after all. But enough about me. I have to impart the very important realization I had yesterday. I figured out how ponies do Rock Paper Scissors!

Pony rock paper scissors: Stand on hind legs, hit front hooves together three times, the pick one option with both legs. Unicorn is straight up, earth pony is straight ahead, and pegasus is to the sides. Unicorn beats pegasus, earth pony beats unicorn, pegasus beats earth pony.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1704], Total Stories [3752], Total Reviews: [5869]

Episode rambling below the break. Today I watched the second half of the pilot. Decided to take down reactions during episode like last time, but elaborate a little more on some of them. By the time this project is finished I might even work my way up to actual analysis of things.

Big Mac sized Caramel pony is in the opening. Just so used to the later openings where he’s the proper red and apple Big Mac. Just kinda threw me off. Of course, checking later openings I find out that I was completely oblivious to the fact that the train is going along behind him in the later ones and is completely missing in the early ones. That’s me, instantly noticing that a tiny spot is not the red it is supposed to be and missing the complete lack of giant moving train.

Royal guard had to be ordered by the mayor to attack. I suppose that could just be because they were shocked, but what if the mayor had the authority to boss the guard around? Or that they are trained to not do anything without orders?

“Simmer down sally.” Great Applejack line.

Rainbow Dash shown to be a prankster right from the beginning with her talking up the creepy Everfree forest.

Applejack telling Twilight to let go still makes no sense. Pretty sure that falls under lying by omission. Even the first time I watched it that made absolutely no sense to me.

When Applejack gets thrown from the manticore, she passes it off to Rainbow Dash very casually. This, with the other clues, shows they had to be friends before now.

When every pony charges the manticore, four of them have determined looks and Pinkie Pie is just bouncing along with a happy expression. Earlier she was looking at Twilight as if to see what they were all going to do next. Pinkie totally doesn’t think they are in danger and is just having fun.

Manticores purr.

Twilight isn’t used to the musical numbers yet. That will change. A few weeks of living in Ponyville and she will be breaking out in random musical numbers just like the rest of them!

When laughing at the trees, each poof of smoke is color coded to the pony laughing. At least when they do their one at a time laughs to test it out. Nice little touch I never noticed before. Then it’s back to Pinkie’s pink poofs for all of the rest.

Rarity, yanking scales off sea serpents like it ain’t no thing.

Rainbow Dash is excited by the Shadowbolts offer, so wanting to join the Wonderbolts has to be mostly just an accomplishment/skill thing. Also, she was exceptionally smooth and polite turning them down.

When the rock elements are glowing bright and Nightmare Moon is shielding herself, you can actually see the shadow of her wing blocking the light. Another nice little detail that I enjoy so much in the show.

Its a dream come true for two of the ponies. Rarity has to enjoy that they defeated evil with jewelry, and Dash has to be excited that the most powerful force in Equestria is rainbows. That probably just boosted her ego even more.

Wonder if Celestia can manifest anywhere there is sunlight. She appeared as the sun rose and seemed to come from a burst of sunlight directly from it.

Also, yeah, at no point did Celestia say Twilight’s prediction was wrong.

It’s very nicely paced. The second part of the pilot is nice and moves at a brisk pace without feeling rushed. The two part beginning was really a very nice way to start off the series. Had some weak parts, but in general it showed everything that needed to be shown, did a good job introducing all the characters without being all exposition-central, and had plenty of action and social stuff.


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2 responses to “Watching Episodes #02

  1. iisawiisaw

    January 15, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Y’know, I really appreciate a review/overview/analysis that isn’t (like almost all the others) just a list of complaints. MLP does so many things so well, that it’s good to celebrate that every once in a while.

    • Griffin

      January 15, 2015 at 6:19 pm

      I’m sure I’ll have episodes where I complain more, but I pretty much love the first two episodes.


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