Pony Stories 322

16 Jan

Below the break is today’s list of reviews, and tomorrow will be the latest evidence that I am, in fact, a crazy person. As I usually feel when I’m adding a new review source (or two, or three) to the big master review list.

  • Wednesday’s List stats: Total Authors: [1704], Total Stories [3752], Total Reviews: [5869]
  • Today’s List Stats: Total Authors: [1816], Total Stories [3968], Total Reviews: [6137]

And now today’s random pony thought: Scootaloo is a piece of Discord that leaked out as the stone prison weakened, he pushed pieces out to add chaos to the world to get free sooner. She literally doesn’t exist when nopony is perceiving or thinking about her. It’s also why nopony seems to care about her lack of family. She is the reason the CMC’s arguing broke Discord free. Also the reason the CMC always fails so spectacularly at trying to get cutie marks. Also why she can’t fly (no Pegasus magic) and will never get a cutie mark. Why she was around when everypony else was sleeping during the camping trip? Princess Luna was watching her to see if her chaos energies were up to anything.

Stories covered after the break:

  • Friendship is Optimal: The Law Offices of Artemis, Stella & Beat by Eakin
  • Hearth Swarming Eve by horizon
  • Moonlight by ToixStory
  • Rarity Learns To Mind Her Own Business (“Darings! Help me!”) by Alex Warlorn
  • Monochrome by A Man Called Horse
  • The Things We Do For … by obabscribbler

Friendship is Optimal: The Law Offices of Artemis, Stella & Beat by Eakin

That was a really good FiO story. Hit all the right notes. It went the route of not having much interaction with Celestia instead of trying to get her omniscient puppet master bit just right. Using her as background plot device. Raising some interesting issues about the whole uploading and digital rights in passing, but never really addresses them in any meaningful fashion. Mostly because the story wasn’t about that. It was just a character piece of our main character living in the early year(s?) of the whole thing. Very much worth reading if you enjoy the whole FiO world. Even had a much better main chapter wakes up in Equestrian epilogue than the last similar story I read (always say no) which was nice.

The story is not without it’s flaws, but all in all it was good science fiction in the best way. I was thinking and pondering concepts revolving around the core concept for a good hour or two after I had finished it. Such as this one: If there is any immortal soul and it doesn’t go with you, uploading would be dying. Sure, a perfect copy of you continues but not the cosmic eternal bit. So, would uploading be considered suicide? Would it be considered a sin? Would it matter if you believed in your soul or not? I mean, would it matter if you believed it was killing yourself or simply moving on to a different phase of existence. Like if the person doing it doesn’t believe it is death, does it count as a suicide?

Hearth Swarming Eve by horizon

Interesting story. Surprised me twice and I didn’t see the end coming. Well written, but I think the author should have gone with third person. At no point did I get a good sense of Rarity’s voice and several timed actually forgot it was supposed to be first person perspective. Interesting changeling story and I liked it other than the perspective thing.

Moonlight by ToixStory

Incomplete, but since the author is planning on deleting it I wanted to check it out. This author has written stuff I’ve enjoyed and stuff I’ve disliked quite a bit, so wasn’t sure what this would turn put to be. The verdict is… Decent, but pretty much no pony. The other influences overwhelm the mlp elements. Plus the story stops before it can do much more than establish the premise. I kind of wish there had been more to read, but not really enough to protest the story getting deleted. I hope the author keeps coming up with new ideas and keeps writing, but losing this particular story is not that big of a loss. The author has much better stories to read that are sticking around after all.

Rarity Learns To Mind Her Own Business (“Darings! Help me!”) by Alex Warlorn

That was a bit dark. Rarity going insane basically. Well, already insane anyway. I’d say it needs more context, but that’s because I’d like it to make sense. As it is the internal monologue of someone insane, making sense of things might soften it too much.

Monochrome by A Man Called Horse

This would have been a great two-part episode or even a movie. Visuals would have made it even more striking. This story was closer to the show than a lot of the fanfics I’ve been reading recently. Writing is decent-to-good. About average show quality in fact.

The Things We Do For … by obabscribbler

Very sweet Lyra and Bon-bon story. The best kind of slice of life. One where nothing really happens, but the emotions are nice and full. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting a warm and fuzzy story. Plus its got a nice double-layered fandom reference.


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4 responses to “Pony Stories 322

  1. Pascoite Fics

    January 16, 2015 at 9:19 am

    This is the second time lately I’ve seen you refer to “fabrics.” I assume it’s your spell-check mangling “fanfics,” but perhaps this is an expression you’re using that I haven’t heard of before.

    • Griffin

      January 16, 2015 at 9:25 am

      No, that’s probably my new mobile device’s autocorrect. Which is great most of the time, but occasionally odd bits slip through.

    • Griffin

      January 16, 2015 at 10:30 am

      Really, the only time I could see the word fabric coming up in a review is if I ended up reading one of the Swooty Bell stories.

      • Present Perfect

        January 16, 2015 at 8:22 pm

        Which you should do, if you have not already. :V


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