New Reviewer 13: Lost in Reviews

17 Jan

I’m going to run out of modified movie titles to use for these pretty soon. Anyway, a few more bits and pieces reviewers. More out of the ‘add’ bookmark folder and a few others I’ve run across. My eternal quest for all the ponyfic reviews continues. Except, you know, the ones I’ve decided not to add.

Big Master Review List stats: Total Authors: [1823], Total Stories [3984], Total Reviews: [6154]

First off, a reviewer who only got one set of reviews off before moving on to other things. Still, it’s text based ponyfic reviews and that’s good enough to get on the list. Just, you know, in the misc column. Here’s the reviews by Ghost Reviewer.

  • Rise from the Ashes: Book 1 – Canterlot by Sparklecat
  • “They’re Not Touching You!” by JMac
  • Gimme Shelter by zyr1987

Other reviewers for the misc column:


  • On the road to Justice. by SugarHoneyIceTea123

Majin Syeekoh:

  • Berry Punch’s House Can Talk by Kanzlerin Maud
  • Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice
  • Twilight slowly reads a book by JumbledThought

Even though I swore off comment reviews after the trial further down, this was light enough that I decided to go with it anyway. So, without further adieu, Orient Express Explorers.

  • Mortal by Benman
  • A Tale of the Sun, Moon, and Stars by DalTRS
  • The End by shalrath
  • Quizzical by JMac
  • Feels Like the First Time by CarcinoGeneticist
  • Decisions by hester1
  • First Times by Lurks-no-More
  • Breaking Rarity by Flutterwhy4
  • Fire Spores by applecinnamonspice
  • Twilight’s Forfeit by Fiddlebottoms
  • Celestia and Luna’s Completely Average Day by Nyronus
  • Certain Advantages by The Descendant
  • In Memory Of by Obselescence


In honor of the Burraku_Pansa PR campaign a few days ago, I decided to add WRITE to the big master review list. It’s less than 300 stories after all and will give me a nice metric for hunting down in-comment reviews. Keeping track of new reviews is going to be tricky, but it might be just as easy as asking to join the group. Of course this is more for future readers than the authors themselves, since comment reviews will just give them a notification when they pop up. Which also means that putting them on the master list bookshelf is even more just advertising it than usual.

Huh, this will also bump the total reviews on the list over 6000. Another big round number that was sorta a milestone in the back of my head. Also, fun trivia fact. My spellcheck thinks that Burraku_Pansa should actually be Kookaburra_Pansy.

Okay, I’d forgotten how mind-numbing adding a few hundred entries onto the list is. Brain is trying to throw itself out of my skull. Also, I think this confirms that doing comment reviews is not going to happen. Annoying to scroll through all the comments looking for something specific. So WRITE is going to be the only comment-location reviews the big master review list will contain. Though I do hope to keep up with them if possible. That person who told me not to bother with comment reviews? You were totally right!

Stories reviewed, that I could find anyway and in no particular order, by the Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence:

  1. Strange Dreams by EvilRat
  2. In Loving Memory by EvilRat
  3. Dancer’s Night School for Stallions by MidnightDancer
  4. Birthday Wishes by ShootingStar159
  5. Flitter by Nyerguds
  6. Wubs North of the Border by Captain Scrappie
  7. Mon Amour by Serina
  8. Tales Of Young Equestria by reflexrex
  9. Winter of our Hatred by Joural
  10. Where Cold Winds Blow by ProfCharles
  11. How Derpy met The Doctor by Haybales22
  12. Longing by TheMyth
  13. True Love Never Changes by VashTheStampede
  14. Ponies Give Me Hope by supersoup
  15. Another Slice of Pie by The Fool
  16. I Want to Take the Wings off, but I Can’t by JawJoe
  17. X-Com PA (Pony Addition) by MrTweady
  18. To Drown A Butterfly by Matthew DePointe
  19. Revelations BOOK 1: A Night To Remember – Pipsqueak by VGI
  20. Binary Suns by Aurora-Borealis
  21. Equestrian Bureau of Investigation: Indecisive by NixWorld
  22. Sonata’s Loss by Purpleblackkiwi
  23. Silver Marriage by cdcdrr
  24. A Mare’s Best Friends by NightmareKnight
  25. Conversations with Dead Ponies by Scramblers and Shadows
  26. The Perfect Day by Majin Syeekoh
  27. Source by Hierophant
  28. Flight for Harmony by NixWorld
  29. The Pony On The Wall by BleedingRaindrops
  30. The Dull Afterglow by ThatOneWriter
  31. Forgotten by Unbridled Dolly
  32. Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns by DrakeyC
  33. Sheep In Equestria: Shearing Day by Galrion
  34. The Race of Dreams by Hoof of Approval
  35. Room 219 by LastAmongEquals
  36. Fallout: Equestria – Memories by TheBobulator
  37. Queen of Queens by JawJoe
  38. Non nobis Domine by Dsarker
  39. Filial by Dafaddah
  40. Shattered Dimensions by RAWG98
  41. Daring Do and the Hollow House by DemonBrightSpirit
  42. Prince of the Sun by TornadoBlitz
  43. Anthro Clopfic #116457 by Eratosthenes
  44. Jumbled’s Game by JumbledThought
  45. Friendship and Mysteries by The Cake Devil
  46. Twilight on Acid by Majin Syeekoh
  47. We’re Not Heroes by BronieMan305
  48. Touching the sky by Random Gamer
  49. LanternFall by leonidas701
  50. The Lunatics by SpaceCommie
  51. Let It Not Snow by Pump It Up
  52. The Awfully Repetitive Vengeance of Ahuizotl the Terrible-ish by thesecret1
  53. Changeling Roun by Demon Eyes Laharl
  54. Conquerors by JumpingShinyFrogs
  55. The Twin Mountains by Benny
  56. The Ultimate Alicorn by Cerulean Voice
  57. The Muffin by NightWolf289
  58. Two Roomies and their Pest by Vrilix
  59. Rifts by Eldamaur
  60. Fallout: Equestria- Chronicles Of Seaddle by King Of Thieves
  61. Keeper of the Crystal Heart by Cerulean Voice
  62. Festival of Lights by Cascadejackal
  63. PonyConned by Green Akers
  64. “Mah Barn Door Don’t Swing That Way!” by Cerulean Voice
  65. As You Fancy, Minister by The Usurper
  66. Doctor Whooves: Nightmare in Old Equestria by sgamer82
  67. When Hearts Take Flight by cemfin
  68. I, Changeling by Majin Syeekoh
  69. Her Rainbow, Her Butterfly by HyperBlossom7
  70. The Tragedy of Sombra by Majin Syeekoh
  71. I’ll Always be Here for You by The Abyss
  72. What Makes a Villain? by The Usurper
  73. A Creature of the Dark by Xhoral1865
  74. Trixie’s Forest Retreat by crowscrowcrow
  75. Sunset of Time by The Albinocorn
  76. A Legend Crashes into Equestria by Avatar of Madness
  77. The Poncho Chronicles I: The Beans by BRyeMC
  78. The Equestria Games: Flight of the Pegasi by Cerulean Voice
  79. Pony Drug Party by Majin Syeekoh
  80. Hitch a Ride by La Dee Da
  81. Forlorn Hope by ArguingPizza
  82. Mega Mare by DrakeyC
  83. Big Horseshoes by Bad_Seed_72
  84. Legionnaire by The Lord Inquisitor
  85. Anxiety by Bad_Seed_72
  86. A Narrow Scope by Comet Burst
  87. Remedial Lessons by ChromeMyriad
  88. Dragoon Wars; Seven Lords Rising by Crystalis McCloud
  89. A Night On Deck by Bad_Seed_72
  90. P.O.N.Y: Police Operative and Nonpareil Youths by GodSaveTheKings
  91. The Only One In Color by RazgrizS57
  92. There is Racquetball in Heaven! by insula sol
  93. An Epic for Gilgamesh by ZaleAcon
  94. My Little Porno: Fluffing Is Magic by theboyconnor
  95. Twilight Sparkle Finds a Magic Pickle by GraceFu
  96. Captured by a Lonely Dragon by SecretPerson
  97. Sometimes We Do Wrong to Do Right by JumpingShinyFrogs
  98. The Stallion in the Library by leonidas701
  99. Idle Curiosity by AwkwardTaco
  100. With The White Berets by theunderwolf
  101. Wayfarer by The Plebeian
  102. Pinkie Pie Throws an Alicorn Party by Waterpear
  103. The Fallacy Of Epiphany by RazgrizS57
  104. Living Flame by Random Gamer
  105. Lunar Gravity by ChromeMyriad
  106. Married to Her Job, Single in Her Heart by Revenant Wings
  107. Drop. by Sexy Pudgy Pinkie Pie
  108. De Luce et Tenebris Umbra by Ghost-111
  109. The Long Way Home by HyperRandomness
  110. Eclipse by IncoherentOrange
  111. Repairing Harmony, Book 1: Twilight Sparkle. by twow443
  112. Just Joking by RainbowBob
  113. Reciprocity: A Metro 2033 and MLP Crossover by MrSing
  114. Luna Nos Custodit by Tsuguri
  115. Junior Flight Camp: The Crusader and the Bullhead by Wise Cracker
  116. Aliens: New World by Armalite
  117. A Thousand Year Peace by AdmiralKew
  118. Adjacency by Frission
  119. Broken Hearted by CHeighlund
  120. Fallout Equestria: The Road to Hell by Dannykat
  121. The Chronicles of Swarm: The Equestrian Front by kildeez
  122. Fulfilling by PegasusMesa
  123. Shouldn’t Be by Lumadous
  124. If You Insist by RainbowSenpai
  125. Prodigy by Sable Tails
  126. Dystopian Circus by Pearple Prose
  127. Over The Mountains and Through The Mist by Slip Kid
  128. Forever Inside A Fishbowl by The Apologetic Pony
  129. The Shaded View by FluxerCry
  130. Perihelion by Garnot
  131. Dear Diary by Garnot
  132. My Strange Family by Dark Enigma
  133. Fleeting Fancies by The Quill and Sofa Shop
  134. Don’t Stop Dancing, Scootaloo by Scramblers and Shadows
  135. To Guard Equestria by BleepBloop2
  136. What the Sun Can’t See by FFFX
  137. Story for a sick pony by Alchemystudent
  138. Into the Storm by Dark Enigma
  139. My Beloved Sister by Deil Grist
  140. Flower focus by Felyon
  141. Wroth Sentiments by The Apologetic Pony
  142. Knights of Equestria by Jioplip
  143. Beat to Quarters by OneNinerKilo
  144. Walking on Clouds by Kapuchu
  145. Black and White by Dakilladj
  146. My Little Poem by MrAlbum321
  147. Button’s Inquiry by electreXcessive
  148. Setting The Whole Tickled World A’ Dancin’ by HeartTortoisePigeonDog
  149. Fallout Equestria: Cloud Cover by Sir Brony
  150. Darkness in Sweetie Belle by Bad Dragon
  151. Silence by Faindragon
  152. Gears of Romance by Phoenix999
  153. A Dragon’s Path by Dragon Blaze-X
  154. Light-Bringer by JJN Whitley
  155. A New Spark by Senyu
  156. It Must be Tuesday by Explodium
  157. The Temporary Ones by Rocketknightgeek
  158. Under the Same Stars by ThatOneWriter
  159. Harmony Arisen by Panoramic Toast
  160. Crossroads by flutterdash1
  161. Friendship is Apocalyptic by PuddingNPie
  162. The Elements of Love by flutterdash1
  163. Glitched by Golden Vision
  164. The Season’s Upon Us by flutterdash1
  165. Spike the Selfless by flutterdash1
  166. Feathered Heart by Demon Eyes Laharl
  167. Fallout Equestria: Las Pegasus by memorex11235
  168. Omega by Goldenwing
  169. Millennial Heartstrings by The Apologetic Pony
  170. That Blue Box by Aurora Aura
  171. Oh, To Be a Blank Flank Again by Revenant Wings
  172. Rainbow Factory: The Untold Story by Naxanz
  173. Flames Within These Feathers by Starshine Dart
  174. Overture by Exilo
  175. Monster Hunting: Tawrich by Mithlome
  176. Equestria, Ho! by Musleblast
  177. A soul to spare by Arcticbrony
  178. A Perfect Day by Iron Sonata Bro Galley
  179. Regret by IceQB
  180. Bijoux & Magic by hamcon
  181. The Magician and the Fiddler by The Fool
  182. Gentleman for Mares by Demon Eyes Laharl
  183. My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs by HAZESHIFT
  184. Nature’s Call by Doc Crowl
  185. From Scratch by Kaldanor
  186. To Glimpse a Wider World by Burraku_Pansa
  187. Pony Fortress 2 by hamcon
  188. Sweet Dreams by ambion
  189. The Suicide of Twilight Sparkle by Dream Daze
  190. Defender of the Night by DayDrifter75
  191. A Little Smarty Problem by Sparknanator
  192. Blue like Sapphires by ambion
  193. Finding Solace by ambion
  194. Tastes Like Heresy by Bugsydor
  195. Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen by vren55
  196. Age Swap by Tangerine Blast
  197. Fire on the Mountain by MongolianFoodHoarder
  198. Liberate the Sun by Seether00
  199. The Alicorn Delusion by The Fool
  200. Beyond the Veil by starforge
  201. Muffinland by M1Garand8
  202. All the Time in the World by twow443
  203. Body And Mind by Starman Ghost
  204. Queen of Cloudsdale by hamcon
  205. Reflections of the Heart by TheCloudtop
  206. The Division Bell by FloydienSlip
  207. Wonderbolts: Class of ’89 by sport94
  208. Live by the Creed by FoughtDragon01
  209. Stairway to Equestria by ALEXAROTH
  210. The Last Crusade by Scribblestick
  211. Apples and Wheat by TheAlmightySage
  212. Spitfire’s First Time by electreXcessive
  213. Brave New Equestria by Wuten
  214. The First Steps of the Rest of Your Life by Rhino
  215. Butterflies Seek Rainbows by FluttershyisMetal
  216. Fallout Equestria: Viva Las Pegasus by S3rb4n
  217. Solitary by electreXcessive
  218. My Special Rose by Yellow_Quiet
  219. The Elements of Love by UnweptSchlipps
  220. DisQord Continuum: Equestria Rising by ZoidbergIsBestPony
  221. Too Close to the Sun by UnweptSchlipps
  222. Caramel and Thunderlane’s Sexy Adventure by Chuckward
  223. The Fluttershy of Tomorrow by Amneiger
  224. Not My Little Diamond by MagerBlutooth
  225. The Night We Lost Her by Page Flipper
  226. Fallout Equestria : New Roam by Delvius
  227. From My World To Theirs by Mr.Scribe
  228. Shame at the Checkout by gmen15
  229. The Upside to Your Backside by Wise Cracker
  230. Princess Rarity by Invisible Cadance
  231. Project Ascension by TheMyth
  232. The Most Unlikely Places by KiroTalon
  233. Racer And The Geek by kalash93
  234. Seriously? by RainbowBob
  235. Chasing Shadows by Hydkore
  236. Grounded by MissyAngel
  237. Of Sunshine and Laughter by M1Garand8
  238. The Ballad of 47 by Unholy_rarity
  239. A Father’s Love by gmen15
  240. Twilight’s Odyssey by DemPonies
  241. Last One Standing by kalash93
  242. Hades Is Such A Great Neighbor by RainbowBob
  243. Guardian of Nature by BronieMan305
  244. All Alone by wYvern
  245. Obliteration, Chaos, Destruction by Sarcasmo
  246. Fragment by Heliostorm
  247. The Brother and The Sitter by Spike120812
  248. Darkening Star by John41
  249. Me, Myself, and I by DerpyMuffins15


Okay, stopping now. Spending all day working on the spreadsheet is probably enough for now. Got to save something for next Saturday’s list update after all.


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8 responses to “New Reviewer 13: Lost in Reviews

  1. Adrian “Adrenaline” Perry

    January 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    Yes. Yes I did tell you not to worry about comment reviews. ;P
    Although WRITE was probably the best review group of all to do this for, since they’re generally thoroughly extensive.

    • Griffin

      January 17, 2015 at 9:28 pm

      The few I glanced at seemed pretty well done. Mostly I liked how long they were because it made skimming through the comment threads to find them much easier. I wanted to do at least one group, just to see how annoying it would be.

      Turns out even just skimming through comments fast enough to just look for large gaps between profile avatars isn’t enough to avoid catching some drama.

  2. Present Perfect

    January 17, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    Kookabura Pansy.

    He needs to change his name now 😀

    • Griffin

      January 17, 2015 at 8:04 pm

      The spellcheck has spoken!

  3. Anonymous

    January 18, 2015 at 12:31 am

    Also, digging the new front page. Looks much more organised 😀

    • Griffin

      January 18, 2015 at 9:11 am

      New front page? Don’t think I changed anything recently.

  4. Pascoite Fics

    January 19, 2015 at 10:50 am

    The WRITE reviews are kind of an odd bird to include here. For one, they’re going to contain quite a bit of technical content. They’re meant to help the author improve, not flag a story for people who might enjoy reading it. Because of that, many of the stories would have been revised, and the review wouldn’t reflect them accurately anymore. As a corollary to that, for many of them, you wouldn’t have the first clue what the story is about by reading the review. For another, the list of reviewed stories in the group folders is very out of date. Someone (I think it’s Csquared03) does keep his own current list, so if you want it as current as possible, ask him for his. I keep all the WRITE reviews I’ve done in a single GDoc, if it’s easier to link there, but it can be a slog to look through, as it’s a straight cut and paste, so the formatting doesn’t carry over.

    • Griffin

      January 19, 2015 at 12:02 pm

      And they are all in comments, so the author knows about them already. Mostly a test to see how easy in-comment reviews could be added to the list. I had not considered the technical angle to things, or at least the focus on helping the author improve. As usual I didn’t really read the reviews as I was adding them. I think I’ll add something to the list description page about it though.

      On the other hand, my requirement for being added to the list is fairly vague and shallow. I mean I’ve included posts where a story gets half a sentence. Given that the 200 or so reviews of WRITE are about 4% of the master list, not going to worry about it too much. Figure just keeping track of if/when new stories get added to the group is going to be good enough. Thanks for the offer though.


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