Watching Episodes #03

22 Jan

Watched the very start of the show, the fable of the two royal sisters, a few times to write down the wording for something. Something grabbed me, and since that’s what we do here in internet fandom land, I decided to take a faint thought and blow it way out of proportion. The two royal sisters, the younger and the eldest. You could totally interpret that as there is at least one more sister in the family. I mean, sure, you could just take it at face value, but seems like you could just as easily say younger and older. Or youngest and eldest. Using a -er and a -est gives an interesting imbalance. Maybe there’s a youngest sister? Or a middle sister between the two? Also, it only references all the different types of ponies, not the three. So maybe back then there were a lot more types of ponies. Batponies at the very least.

In unrelated news, my reading this month has officially peeked over the million word mark. The pony fan fiction I’ve read up to this point totals up to 1,039,969. More or less.

Spike, being totally inconsiderate of all the work they just did just tossing apples as they walk. On the other hand, the pile of apples aren’t getting any smaller.  Also, big Mac in granny’s girdle walking through town. Which also gives us I believe the only street name in all of Ponyville.

I think the opening letter was written by her secretary or something. That or Spike just doesn’t read the hear yea, hear yea stuff on all the letters he gets. Yeah, totally a form letter. Princess Celestia of Equestria sounds funny out loud. At least when Spike says it. Like its a rapper or cage fighter name. The way the show skips over the month name is funny.

I’ve read fabrics where Twilight has either gone to the gala, or skipped it because of politics stuff. This totally doesn’t fit with how excited she is when she gets the invitation.

Applejack had the most unreasonable goal. Who goes to a roysl ball to set up a vendor’s booth? The fact that her fantasy about it has the booth outside on a path with normal ponies lined up shows that she doesn’t have a clue.

Okay, maybe Rainbow Dash’s dream of crashing the wonderbolts show is just as unrealistic. She’s picturing it as an arena event. Have to wonder what the buccaneer blaze actually is. Hee, first real sign of Applejack and Dash’s competitiveness. Them going right back to the hoof wrassle is a fun moment.

Pinkie pie is the most understandable mistake. She likes parties, she hears the Gala is the big fancy party in Canterlot. Assumes it is just a huge version of her parties. Huh, photo booth.

Huh. Rarity already has pretty big name clients if she designs outfits for the Gala every year. She’s also got unrealistic dreams, but not excessively so. She’s also got the most accurate view of what the gala will be like. Except for it being outside. All I can think about during the Blue blood parts of her fantasy is the Blueblood Fiasco Management Group from Obits Dicta’s most recent chapter. Also, nopony pouts like Rarity can.

I think Fluttershy is great here. She actually had the most realistic dream of all of them. Given her experience with animals she would have every reason to think she could make friends with the animals in the royal gardens.

Fluttershy’s is the shortest and Rarity’s is the longest I think. With Rainbow’s as the second longest. Or so it felt.

Twilight putting her hoof down is kind of awesome.

Bon Bon on a lunch date with non Lyra pony.

Hee. Eating the flower petals from the table display.

Spike likes grass just fine.

Twilight defaults to giving the two tickets to Applejack and Fluttershy when thinking about giving up her ticket. The three disappointed ponies are Rarity, Pinkie, and Dash.

Rainbow Dash, least subtle pony ever. Plus that shot of her with halo is still hilarious. Some good sarcastic Twilight here.

I think unicorn horns are retractable. Second time somepony should have been stabbed in the neck this episode. Power tool dressmaking. Hey, Spike isn’t worshipping everything Rarity does. Nice change from later in the show.

Applejack has no problem trying to bribe Twilight for the ticket. If she just wanted to be a good friend and provide lunch, she would have brought just a meal. Not a entire wagon full of delicious food.

Fluttershy once more being a Disney princess. Angel bunny is totally happy to help with their bribe, but doesn’t wasn’t Fluttershy lying about their motives.

Pinkie doesn’t even try bribes. Just flattery. Then a classic cartoon chase scene!

Rainbow Dash, totally element of honesty. Just says what’s on her mind before realizing what is actually the right thing to say.

Princess Celestia, the problem solver. Oh, and my favorite moment that we never speak of again. The five seconds when they all have telekinesis.


All in all, a fun episode. Lots of character stuff, brisk pace, and actually foreshadows later events.


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2 responses to “Watching Episodes #03

  1. Adrian “Adrenaline” Perry

    January 22, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Nice. Over a million.
    I’ve yet to hit 600k, but I’m trying. There’s so much else to do… Currently going through a pretty cool G1/G4 crossover. I want to finish it in the next couple of days.

    “Yes, we are just doing this for the ticket.”
    The first line of many that made Shy my favourite pony.

    • Griffin

      January 22, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      That was a great line. Like the first “just because we are friends” is her automatic reply, but then she’s reminded about the real reason.


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