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29 Jan

Bored, depressed, avoiding sleep. Plus chipped away at the two spreadsheets I’m working on enough for the moment. So I think I’ll just post more reviews. Really, really want to get through the holiday and ‘million words’ backlog so that what I’m posting is somewhat current. Only 37 more stories to go after this! Woo~

  • An Unexpected Love Story by Magpiepony
  • Vinyl’s Heritage by DemonBrightSpirit
  • A Game of Twits by Cassius
  • Sing the Night’s Song by Kegisak
  • To Touch the Moon by Shrinky Frod
  • Generosity, My Dear Applejack by Crystal Secret
  • Just Being Pinkie Pie by HoofBitingActionOverload
  • Lessons Learned from Loyalty by whateverdudezb
  • Truth Earned from Honesty by whateverdudezb
  • Journey Home by Bulbasaur
  • Let the Silence Sing by Aegis Shield

An Unexpected Love Story by Magpiepony

Hee. This one had me giggling quite a bit. Very funny. Then again, I do love meta humor like the narrator and characters arguing. If you like a twilight sparkle story, you’ll probably enjoy this. The ending is one of those things that is a fun joke, but if you think about it it a bit it becomes a little disturbing.

Vinyl’s Heritage by DemonBrightSpirit

Neat little Octavia and Vinyl story. Twist is Vinyl is big time royalty. Fluffy piece that’s fun if you like that sort of thing. I don’t expect to remember it even later today.

A Game of Twits by Cassius

Didn’t really grab me. Seemed a little bland, though I did like the occasional bit from the chess piece’s perspectives. Still, not sure I’d recommend it. Though I did enjoy reading it. Kinda in the middle I guess.

Sing the Night’s Song by Kegisak

Fun shipping story. Builds on the previous story and actually has real building emotions rather than just suddenly falling in love. A bit predictable, but I enjoyed reading it. Would recommend reading the previous one and this one back to back, just to keep the first one in mind. I kept thinking I should reread the first one just so I could remember what they were talking about once or twice. I still enjoy this Vinyl Scratch quite a bit.

To Touch the Moon by Shrinky Frod

Pretty much just a fragment, but a sweet one. I’m not sure about the romance, but I can see Rainbow Dash acting like she describes when she was young.

Generosity, My Dear Applejack by Crystal Secret

Applejack here has no real personality. Plus its a future fanfic that is placed a few years after the show but does a poor job setting any kind of context or making it feel like any time has passed. Ended up stopping at the halfway point. Just really generic and flat.

Just Being Pinkie Pie by HoofBitingActionOverload

This had a very nice Pinkie pie in it. Very sweet too. If you like Pinkie Pie, this should be on your read later this.

Lessons Learned from Loyalty by whateverdudezb

Ended up really enjoying this one. The writing was a bit rough to start with, but after the first few pages I was too immersed in the story to care. Probably got better, or I just stopped noticing. This story had a cool endgame picture of the mane six. Becoming semi-immortal avatars of their element. Rainbow Dash is still herself, but with some extra oomph. Also has a pretty good explanation of what being loyal to your friends really means. I’m going to read the next one right away and if it’s as good, I’ll be impatiently waiting for the rest. It will be cool to see what kind of existence Rarity has in her avatar state. Oh, and when I went to grab the sequel I found out that its the same author that wrote Living Forever, another really good one.

Truth Earned from Honesty by whateverdudezb

Another good one. Not as mythic as Loyalty’s was, but Applejack is more down to earth than Rainbow Dash is, so it fits. A good story that I’m sure u will be reading more than once in the future. Can’t wait to see how the other stories in the series turn out. Got to wonder how the author is going to deal with Spike. Making him an avatar familiar like the pets wouldn’t be a good thing, but he does kind of ruin the six fold symmetry of the group is he follows twilight to being semi-immortal. Will just have to wait for Twilight’s story to find out. Or Rarity’s if they manage to hook up after a couple of centuries of reincarnation lives.

Journey Home by Bulbasaur

Not exactly a shipping story, even though Twilight and Dash are marefriends. Most of it is something of a study of Dash, of how she has never found a home. Some cool back story for her that fits pretty well with her character. Above average I’d say. If you like Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle pairing, or just like Dash stories, put this one on your read later list.

Let the Silence Sing by Aegis Shield

Ended up enjoying this one despite the flaws. It is very tell-y, but somewhat on purpose. Having no dialogue and using a summary format for some events highlights the silent nature of the relationship. Mostly. Some stories are all tell and it works fine, this doesn’t quite pull it off. So if that bothers you, probably want to steer clear of it. Also think the last chapter could have been left off. The ending point of the chapter right before it was a natural and good end to the story. There is a sequel I believe, but I don’t think I’ll be jumping right to it. The writing wasn’t stellar and the style of silent all-telling was part of this story’s strength. Not sure I’d enjoy the same author trying a more typical story style.

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