Pony Stories 330

30 Jan

More reviews! Just what you always wanted. I really need to start adding my reviews to the big master list. Given the output I think I’m somewhere around 50-60 behind. On the plus side, I think I’m going to call my reading wordcount for the month. Rounding up since I’ve got a non-pony book I’m working on, and I didn’t count a handful of fanfics that I didn’t finish. So, with that in mind I managed to read around 1,050,00 words this month. That was pushing myself quite a bit, don’t think I’ll be doing that again next month. Might be as high as 1.1 million, but 1.05 is probably a safer guess. So, about 1.8 Fallout Equestrias. Which is funny because I can zoom through Fo:E in four days.

  • Transference by Bradel
  • Three Hazards of Ponyville by Rocinante
  • The Lavender Letter by Sunchaser
  • Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice
  • The Last Curtain Call by The Princess Rarity
  • On the Care and Construction of Bridges by Ebon Mane
  • You’re Doing it Wrong by The Ravager
  • Friendship is Optimal: Psychopathy is Configurable by Eakin
  • My First Tree by Lambent Dream
  • Feels Like the First Time by CarcinoGeneticist

Transference by Bradel

A fun romantic comedy, though not all light and fluffy. I think the ebook is missing horizontal lines between scenes. Had lots of perspective shifts, all in mostly unattributed dialogue, all sort of running together. Still, with that in mind this is one I’d recommend for light mane six shipping.

Three Hazards of Ponyville by Rocinante

Lots of fun. If the show was allowed to mention alcohol, this would actually make a pretty good episode. The three ponies that showed up were a bit of a surprise, but the group worked pretty good. Got a real sense of their lives and how they fitted together just from a few lines about events in the past. Its a real good example of how to do character/world building without exposition.

The Lavender Letter by Sunchaser

Liked this one a lot. Then again, I actually enjoy Twilight and Celestia romance stories, so your mileage may vary. I do think that even someone who is kind of lukewarm on that particular pairing could (possibly) enjoy this. Twilight is exceptionally Twilight, and Celestia is presented as very Celestia. I found the writing to be exceptionally good. Almost all of it is in letter format, and I enjoy that as well, but I spent a lot of the story thinking ‘wow, this is really good’. I’m not blind to the flaws in most of the average-to-mediocre stories I enjoy, I just tend to ignore them. This one had nothing I had to ignore.

Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice

Pretty good. Many similarities with Skywriter’s Princess-Goddess, but I’m lead to believe that’s because they are both drawing on the canon material for Cadance becoming an alicorn. As with all good fan-fiction, it’s interesting to see how two different authors take the same concept and go in different directions with it. I liked Skywriter’s slightly better, but that’s just personal preference. It had more of the epic mythological flavor to it. This one is much more focused on just the characters involved, a more slice-of-life flavor with a sprinkle of adventure in the second half.

The Last Curtain Call by The Princess Rarity

Just a simple slice of life. Pretty much get what the description and tags promise. Its a good moment between sisters, but I have a hard time seeing Rarity as a pony that would consistently miss her sister’s singing events. I mean, even if she lost track of time working on a regular basis, her friends would end up reminding her. Applejack at the very least. Heck, if Scootaloo is involved, Rainbow Dash would probably end up dragging Rarity to several just for the company because Dash would want to support Scootaloo in whatever she does. So, fluffy story that’s decent but not remarkable.

On the Care and Construction of Bridges by Ebon Mane

This one went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. In a good way. A happy ending, but not the cliche one you might expect out of what starts out as a shipping story. Is pretty close to the show themes about friendship too, which is always nice.

You’re Doing it Wrong by The Ravager

Using my powers of clever deduction, I’m sure I detected a subtle underlying message hidden between the lines of this story. Well, maybe not so subtle. Its not really a story. Reads more like a pony flavored expression of someone’s annoyance. In the common vernacular: a rant. A bit longer and it could have been turned into a good comedy. As is, I wouldn’t recommend it. Might see if the author has more stories. I did think his writing had potential.

Friendship is Optimal: Psychopathy is Configurable by Eakin

Well, the was bloody and brutal. Which is to be expected I guess, just wasn’t expecting the level of detail I got. None of it was gratuitous, but it wasn’t softened many either. So, fair warning on the point. The mutilation and murder stuff is described just as much as, say, emotions would be in a romance story. As for how good a FiO story this is, that all hinges on whether or not you believe CelestAI is capable of a extraordinary level of deception. The story gives absolutely no hints or evidence that she’s lying or tasking, but she ends up acting more like show Celestia than our lovable omni-intelligent artificial intelligence. Is she is what she. appears, its a horrible FiO story. If it’s all part of a plan, then its a pretty interesting one. Where the interesting bit is thinking about how much of it she planned.

My First Tree by Lambent Dream (no story link, story is being edited)

Perspective is a bit muddled. Supposed to be Fluttershy’s, but the majority is more or less written from Applejack’s view. Still, it is as nice story of an event when Applejack was young. The flow is just a bit twisty in places. Also, I believe the author is giving this a moderate rewrite so it may not be available when you read this.

Feels Like the First Time by CarcinoGeneticist

This was better than I expected, but I still mostly skimmed the actual sex scenes. The author did a good job giving each of the mane six their own voice. Even just the way each one told their story matched them. Just word choices, pacing, all of that more subtle stuff. This story is a great example of how to do character voice right. Would be worth doing a closer examination of exactly how each chapter is written. Assuming you don’t mind reading and rereading sex scenes. Each of the pairings was quite nice as well. I’d only run into two of the pairings before, one was with a totally new oc, one was with a pony I’m not sure has been in the show, but is background pony material at least. Pinkie Pie’s match up is its own thing entirely. As Pinkie Pie should. So, if you like sex scenes, or even just tolerate them, I’d probably recommend giving this one a try. I enjoyed it quite a bit despite skimming over the half that was the naughty bits. Its weird, but I would even say this story actually is very close to show tone. Happy and friendly and just as the show (at it’s best) goes with there is no wrong way to be a girl, the motto of this story could be there is no wrong way to enjoy having the sex the first time. Its also got plenty of romance, but I wouldn’t call it a typical shipping story.

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