Pony Stories 331

31 Jan

Rococo! Wait, need to keep the reveal for the end. One of my own little nitpicks is the abuse of language that is naming a relationship by smooshing the two character’s names together. Just bugs me. Though I admit that sometimes the result can be amusing. Was looking at some Coco Pommel fan art just kind of wandering through DeviantArt and it hit me! Rococo! Just need another pony with a Ro- name and it’ll be perfect. After looking through background pony names over on a wiki, I’ve got two candidates. Royal Ribbon, a unicorn. Or Rose Quartz, crystal pony stylist. Okay, that’s out of my head. Put it in the random idea box with all the others.

  • Yes Twilight Sparkle, There Is a Santa Hooves by Georg
  • H͉̭̭͈͗̔́̇ͨ̽͋̐͘e̴͈̖͈̲͎͓̹̩̓̈́͒͛̀͂͘l̼̣̻͈͙̠͍̜̄͑ͦ́́ͅl͖̎̾̚o̼͓̤̳͚̙̖̫ͣ͛̀̏̎̎ͭ̂̕͞͡,͕͔͎̯͕̒̇ ̟̻͚̙̀̎͒̌͛ͦ̀̚͜P̃̒̔̓҉̩̣̪̀́o͍̜̖̱̟̿ͦ̅͌̏̽ͨn̞̩͉̱͓̘̥̗͙̍͠ĭͤ̉͊̔͏̦̯̭͓͇̖e̢͇͖̜̥̰͎̫ͧ̇̿́ͥ͒̀̎͘͠s̱̦͎͍̃ͯ͘͜!̺̖͍͚͈̙̣̀͊̈ͨ by Super Trampoline
  • Dissolution by Maddog10_20
  • Moonstone by Loyal
  • Filly Do and the Temple of Groceries. by MoltenXKid
  • Seeing Monsters by Hopefullygoodgrammar
  • Rain by alexmagnet
  • The Fires of Friendship by Ponydora Prancypants
  • The Three Sisters by Wanderer D
  • On Wings by BlueBastard
  • Half the Day is Night by AugieDog

Yes Twilight Sparkle, There Is a Santa Hooves by Georg

A very sweet story. A nice look at both Celestia and Twilight as she grows up. The story of Twilight attempting to socialize at a party when she was young in Canterlot was adorably sad and cute. A few references to his headcanon, but nothing that requires reading any of his other stories.

H͉̭̭͈͗̔́̇ͨ̽͋̐͘e̴͈̖͈̲͎͓̹̩̓̈́͒͛̀͂͘l̼̣̻͈͙̠͍̜̄͑ͦ́́ͅl͖̎̾̚o̼͓̤̳͚̙̖̫ͣ͛̀̏̎̎ͭ̂̕͞͡,͕͔͎̯͕̒̇ ̟̻͚̙̀̎͒̌͛ͦ̀̚͜P̃̒̔̓҉̩̣̪̀́o͍̜̖̱̟̿ͦ̅͌̏̽ͨn̞̩͉̱͓̘̥̗͙̍͠ĭͤ̉͊̔͏̦̯̭͓͇̖e̢͇͖̜̥̰͎̫ͧ̇̿́ͥ͒̀̎͘͠s̱̦͎͍̃ͯ͘͜!̺̖͍͚͈̙̣̀͊̈ͨ by Super Trampoline

From a technical standpoint, it is a poor lovecraftian story. You didn’t use the word Cyclopean even once! But seriously, it was pretty good. The lovecraftian imagery is a little weak. Mostly you used words that are too common, easily understood references. Writing lovecraftian prose is one of the few times using a thesaurus can be handy. Great ending though, I enjoyed it. Plus it was concise enough that it felt shorter than it actually was, and in a good way.

Dissolution by Maddog10_20

Kind of dark. Not sure if I’d call the ending happy, or perhaps it is simply not depressing. Fairly good writing. Certainly got a feel for what Luna was experiencing. If the premise in the description catches your attention, I’d say give it a try. Just be warned that we don’t get any worldbuilding or ever know what the enemy is. The story is all about Luna’s emotions and reactions, not the situation or events themselves.

Moonstone by Loyal

A story request, though probably not as thorough as the author might have liked. I don’t like the casting of Fancy Pants in the villain husband role. I know it is hard to avoid if you want Fleur Dis Lee coming out of a divorce, but I liked him. He was shown as the one decent and friendly Canterlot pony. As for the story after the first bit, the friendship between Luna and Fleur was a bit quick. Lots of ‘they did this’ and ‘they did that’ instead of giving us scenes showing the two. Part of that is intentional pacing (which is good because you don’t want to get bogged down in every little detail if you want the story to move along briskly), but I do think it needed a little more time to breathe and unfold before moving to the kink. A bit more character development for Luna would have been nice as well. Plus Fleur’s feelings for Luna don’t get as much buildup as I would have liked. This is mostly an example of tight focus rather than poor writing, so I can’t really hold it against the story too much. Just wasn’t to my tastes is all.

Filly Do and the Temple of Groceries. by MoltenXKid

Cute story. Very believable young Daring Do. Reminded me a bit of the make believe Calvin and Hobbes strips. I like the alternate ending best, but both of them work.

Seeing Monsters by Hopefullygoodgrammar

Decent build up, though I have to say the rundown asylum is a cliche I could have done without. The story as a whole is quite good. Well done lovecraftian imagery with creepy unnatural scenery. Has a more upbeat ending than most of Lovecraft’s stories, but that’s not exactly hard. If you like supernatural horror, this is one to check out. Certainly thought it was better than first week of winter.

Rain by alexmagnet

Decent slice of life. Didn’t feel very pony. I mean, main character rides a bus everyday to college or the park when he skips. There are some pony terms, but even the discussion about cutie marks is how he hates the profession his cutie mark forced him into. If you removed the few pony terms, changed the cutie mark to family expectations the story is basically unchanged and actually becomes a bit better.

The Fires of Friendship by Ponydora Prancypants

Pretty good story. Just didn’t seem to click for me. It seemed properly set up with a buildup and climax and more or less decent pacing, but I just was bothered for pretty much the whole story. Never got the feeling that they were Rarity and Applejack I guess. Just seemed too one dimensional. As goals in the flashbacks is one thing, but having the exact same dialogue as older ponies just seemed cliche.  Still, not a bad read. Just left me dissatisfied.

The Three Sisters by Wanderer D

I do believe I’ve now read stories about each of the mane six as changelings. Except for Twilight. Not counting changelings, changelings everywhere. That one doesn’t count. Anyway, this was a nice story. Short and simple. Bit of a deus ex machina as the central plot device, but not a deal breaker. I’m going to have to check for more three sisters stories to read.

On Wings by BlueBastard

Fun little story. A bit simplistic in places, it had the whole one conversation and the main character gets the emotional epiphany. The actual solution to the events of the story I didn’t expect, but I sometimes just miss foreshadowing. Think I will check out the sequel.

Half the Day is Night by AugieDog

I started with Morning, Noon, and Night and I enjoyed several of the concepts in there. Yet, the six main characters were just so obviously a certain six mares that my brain was trying to read two stories at once, like with the words mixed together. So I switched over to Half the day is night. Ended up missing some of the extra stuff in the beginning, but once I was past that I enjoyed it immensely. This version of Canterlot is wonderful and I think the night and day ministries is the best execution of the basic concept I’ve run across. Though I do still like the different courts handling different things that the fanfic Naked Lunch had.

Anyway, this is one of the best Luna returns stories I’ve read. It’s got just the right mix of adventure and slice of life as Luna tries to adjust, and as Canterlot tries to adjust to her. Everything that happens does so for a reason, and I could follow the chains of logic behind pretty much everypony’s actions. This also has a really well done pinkie pie. Being off-kilter and bouncy and jumping to conclusions without ever once feeling like it’s just genre savviness or fourth-wall breaking. It’s just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Heck, as mentioned above, he writes the mane six so well that even with different names and not being ponies I found them so accurate I couldn’t not see them as their pony selves. I’m sorry it took so long to get around to reading this. I might even, at some point, go back and retackle Morning, Noon, and Night to get all the extra cool parts that got added to it in that form.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 331

  1. iisawiisaw

    February 1, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Half the Day is Night is the first fanfic I ever read. It did not prepare me in any way for the lesser quality of the majority of fics, but it did keep me hopeful enough to keep plowing through the dreck to discover the diamonds.

    I bought Morning, Noon, and Night, but haven’t read it yet.

    • Griffin

      February 1, 2015 at 11:42 pm

      Wow, starting with that is certainly going to give you unreasonable expectations. It’s not the best fanfic out there, but it’s certainly in the top 3%.

      Morning, Noon, and Night had some cool bits. I liked some of the ideas in there. Like the sapient animals got that way by each species discovering their first magic, which grants them intelligence. It’s different for each species has to discover it themselves. The story presents it well and it’s a really cool concept.


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