Watching Episodes #05

05 Feb

Another late post. Gotta get back to doing these the night before. Anyway, also got caught up on about two days of FimFiction notifications. The highlight being two more favorites for my story. Almost no reviews to add to the list. However, I’d like to say this again. Stop linking to the chapters of the story and link to the story main page, pretty please.

Also, cool idea I got from a fanfic I read recently: Clothing that covers the cutie mark and has a silk flank-cloth that has some other symbol. It could be a very powerful sign of allegiance to metaphorically replace your cutie mark with something else.

Hmm. The start of this episode is good fuel for Pinkie and Dash shippers.

Seriously, what are those background ponies talking about in the opening?

We don’t get enough long shots of Ponyville that show individual places instead of the genetic thatched roof buildings.

Pinkie Pie’s humming, more distracting than an entire small town main square. Also, straight eyed Derpy buying vetables from Cloud Kicker. Don’t do it! They’ll probably mess up your eyes!

Ponyville confirmed to have at least one bookstore.

Ah, the classic Pepe le pew chase scene. Hop hop hop.

Princess Celestia gets the town’s records dumped on her head. Hee. Hey… I wonder if that’s when Twilight starts getting the detailed family records about her friends.

Got to admit, painting all the apples was pretty good.

I like how Gilda looks at Pinkie by turning her head to look  one eye like a bird would.

So, Pinkie Pie knows parasprites, but not gryphons? Weird. Especially since there are famous gryphon bakers.

Lots of fun potential in that one line: “Gilda is my best friend from junior speedster flight camp.” I love how excited Dash is doing the chant. While Gilda is just bored and embarrassed about it.

Got to wonder why Gilda was so possessive of Rainbow Dash’s attention. With the hug earlier and Dash pushing out of it, more shipping fuel.

Once again, well for the first time really, everypony should have listened to Pinkie Pie. Also, angry squeaking stomps are funny.

Scaring Fluttershy like that is a lynching offense around here, Gilda.

“Who’s this Gilda I’ve heard nothing about?” Applejack gets good lines. The delivery was perfect too. Oh, and something I missed previously. Rarity comments gryphons are “so rare”.

Scowling Fluttershy is awesome. Also, the one piece of show information about the mane six ages.

Okay, saying you want her to feel welcome and then using a hoofshake buzzer. I think Pinkie Pie wanted at least a little revenge.

Pinkie Pie, immune to suspicion.

Nervousness at all the attention. Yeah, you could do all sorts of things using Gilda as a nuanced character. The show doesn’t of course, but I can see how a one note minor villain gets so much attention. Relatively speaking.

Pinkie Pie’s revenge! Just keep acting normal, casual, and happy when Gilda hits prank after prank, getting laughed at constantly and obviously not enjoying it.

Spike blowing out candles. You wouldn’t even need the fancy relighting ones.

To be fair, I’d be tempted to tunnel through a cake that big to me. Though probably wouldn’t, but I wear clothes and don’t have easy clean scales.

Bunny stampede scares town into gibbering panic. Gryphon roaring in claw reach? Slightly shocking. Living in Ponyville gives you such a weird view on danger.

She has been a jerk, but I still remain kind of on Gilda’s side when he loses her temper here.

Threw the party to improve her attitude, then did nothing but laugh when the pranks started happening. Note to self, don’t make Pinkie Pie mad.

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