Book: Worlds of Wonder

10 Feb

A bit of non-pony stuff today. This isn’t a book I’ve read recently, but it is one of my favorites and I figure it might be interesting to some of you guys. Worlds of Wonder by David Gerrold is a book on writing. Probably one of the best writing books I’ve come across. It’s got a lot of the usual advice, but it has a lot of good stuff too. Mostly it’s wonderfully concise and brief. Each chapter is a different subject and each one is around 3-5 pages long. Just enough to give a bit of advice on whatever the subject is, maybe a brief example, then move on. If you like to write science fiction or fantasy stories, you should definitely check it out. Heck, if you like to write any genre there is probably good stuff in here to help you out. Like I said, most of it is somewhat basic, but presented in a way that even the stuff you know goes pretty quick and he covers so much that there is probably at least one piece of advice or one idea that you haven’t thought about somewhere in here.

Worlds of Wonder by David Gerrold

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Posted by on February 10, 2015 in Reviews


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