Watching Episodes #06

13 Feb

Title? Nah. Besides, this one is easy to sum up. It’s the first Trixie episode. Which turned out to spark a lot of thoughts in my brain. Took me like 2.5x the episode length to watch it since I pause to type up my comments while watching. Was a lot of that this time through.

Also, Hey, I’m reading a Trixie ponyfic right now.


Growing magic, implying it isn’t just moustaches. Perhaps that is just a low power/skill way to practice safely. Got to wonder what each trick is. If they are simply spells or if each one is a type of magic.

Got to wonder about the mustache obsession. Is it a hair thing, does he think they are just neat, or did Rarity compliment a pony with one when Spike was nearby?

Unicorns only supposed to have a little. magic related to their cutie mark. Implying that Twilight is not only more versatile, but perhaps more powerful than average as well.

Twilight is a little too modest here. She is the personal student of the princess. She’s probably got at least a little edge on small town unicorns, at least in variety and knowledge. Though Spike’s comment about her being the best in the whole kingdom is probably a bit too far in the other direction.

I do like how Twilight gets all twisted up at the mention of the new unicorn being more powerful than her. She might not be boastful, but she takes pride in her talents and skills and to have someone so casually push her out of the top spot is as bit crushing. Then she gets bashful at Spike’s praise, but in a happy way.

Huh. Trixie’s wagon is a different color and plainer than I had been picturing.

Got to say, she’s got a pretty good entrance.

Hee. Spike’s panicked “mustache!” and run away is still a fun moment.

That’s kinda what a traveling performer does, Applejack. Though most of the time they probably don’t just walk into town, set up in the town square and start proclaiming. Traveling entertainers usually get a scheduled gig, or at least get permission from the local official people first.

Rainbow Dash has alright filled the town’s quota of pony better than everypony else, thank you very much. I love how she glances back at Applejack to see if she buys the heckling Dash attempts to deflect attention with.

Horse puns!

Each of the mane six’s expressions when Trixie challenges the crowd is great. Fluttershy is just looking, Dash is scowling, Applejack looks puzzled, Rarity is bored.

Then Rarity blows a raspberry (sort of) out the side of her mouth, and out of her that’s just great.

Twilight is so adorably worried about what her friends will think about her if she shows off. Then looks back at Trixie surrounded by flashing fireworks. Middle ground, Twilight! It does exist!

Rainbow dash is all up in your personal space. Which happens a lot, actually. She’s a very in your face pony.

The animated glowy sign images are still kind of awesome.

The impressionable young colts have spoken! The attractive made with flashy magic illusions must be the most powerful unicorn around! Who could doubt their objectivity?

Applejack is getting annoyed, Rarity is grinding her teeth, and Twilight is so shocked her eyes are five times the size of her teeny mouth!

Cricket chirping. Glad to know not a single other pony in the crowd is reacting in any fashion.

Wonder if there is an official town cricket whose job is to make that sound at public events. When it retires Fluttershy has to hold auditions for the new cricket.

Ponyvillians! They must be bad guys! (Hey, they might not be the best ponies, but they aren’t bad ponies)

Once again, Dash, Am, and Rarity all have different expressions. Really nice detail here. Fluttershy seems to have vanished.

Zipper still on Spike’s mouth.

Pretty sure Princess Celestia has a pretty good claim to greatest equine who had ever lived, Trixie. Though that is more evidence she’s doing an act.

Huh, zipper disappears when he unzips it. Going to have to practice the advanced version, Twilight.

Singled out in a awkward public setting by a stranger with a loud personality, and no preparation. Not Twilight’s best situation, nope. Even if she wasn’t actually the target.

Only six minutes in, folks!

Applejack’s rope tricks with her tail is really impressive. Plus a whole apple in one bite! Wonder if the apple trees in the town square are public property, Apple family trees, or can Applejack simply summon an apple tree nearby whenever she needs one?

Huh. Wonder if that’s magic, or is Applejack just easily hypnotized? That swaying rope totally has her entranced.

I still like how Trixie doesn’t actually do anything better than her challengers. She just does something humiliating to each of them.

Huh. Applejack is shifting her legs in the ropes with each jump. You can even hear the sound of rubbing against rope each time. Love that kind of subtle detail.

“That’s my job,” quite possibly one of the most Rainbow Dash lines in the show.

Her zoom-pose-zoom-rainbow pose stunt is very impressive.

Magically controlling a rainbow is kinds of cool.

Rarity, best pony. Mostly because she uses the word ruffians in casual conversation like that. Plus the term brutish ways. It must be fun to do her lines.

Outfit and fancy hairstyle out of just magic and stage drapes. That is impressive. Makes me wonder why she does her dresses at the boutique by hoof. Well, I can think of several reasons off the top of my head, but it is an interesting moment.

Carrot Top’s green twin sister picked a bad moment to visit.

Lyra and Lyra and a member of the Bon Bon collective right next to each other. Plus color swapped Bon Bon with horseshoes cutie mark right next to them. Come on, and least spread the copy paste ponies around the crowd scenes a bit.

Once again, Twilight does not like the attention.

Ordinary run of the mill citizen of Ponyville. Also know as “we don’t give a buck, our wolves are magical creatures made of wood, and the last thing to scare us was the return of an evil god. No, wait, last thing was the bunny stampede. Before that was the evil god.”

The ponies of the crowd are shocked! Rainbow and AJ are just mad.

Trixie is not sure about young colts presenting their hindquarters to her enthusiastically.

Trixie also has the best way to tell ponies to go away. Begone with you is always a good phrase, and that’s just the second half.

Pinky and brain reference for the win.

Twilight’s expression there is great. Still, you should listen to Spike this time.

Also, the whole door bit is hilarious. I still suspect it is something of a looney toons reference.

Have we seen any other unicorn just create light like that? Got to wonder if it’s part of Snail’s special talent.

Big star bear is awesome. Also, I think Spike is going for the more effective T-named unicorn.

The facial expressions in this episode are just wonderful. Trixie’s face when she hears the growl.

Trixie, pushing young colts out of the way as she flees danger. Poor wagon, we hardly knew thee.

At least she isn’t hiding behind the colts. She’s letting them hide behind her.

I’m not sure Snips and Snails have a very accurate idea of what the word vanquished means. Still, the show if the rope trick and then the fingers was nice camera work.

Yeah, they think the fireworks were part of the vanquishing.

Interesting that Trixie isn’t trying anything new. The spells she uses are just repeats from earlier. Maybe she doesn’t react well under pressure and is just grabbing from recent memory, but maybe those are the only tricks she can do. Like her special talent is copying other pony’s talents for short periods of times?

Giant star bear, causes less panic than stampedes. Raindrops, looking like she wonders what today’s monster attack is. Gotta be Ponyville born and raised.

Snips and Snails, shocked to the core that the flashy and beautiful show are lied to them. Their world is shattered. She doesn’t say it was just a stage act though. She says its to make her look better.

I do like Trixie’s voice.

That star bear is a wonderful and the art and animation is really well done. It might be one of the main reasons the episode grabbed people.

Spike poking and gesturing, wonderful non verbal moment.

A few ponies had run away, but there is still a crowd watching.

Wind to create music, trick 16.

Milking cows long distance via telekinesis without being able to see them while working on another spell.

Where did Twilight learn how to efficiently milk cows? And got to wonder if the cows had something to say to her about it afterward.

Twilight has absurdly powerful telekinesis.

How did she know what cave to return the bear do? Then again, how did Snips and Snails know where to go? Is the star bear cave just a known landmark around there?

“All hat and no cattle.” Applejack gets great lines.

Going to need a new water tower.

Magic smoke burst!

The crowd is frozen in fear! They aren’t sure what might anger the all powerful Twilight Sparkle!

The “it was awesome” defense fails to convince Twilight.

Huh, Twilight’s magic sparkles. Never noticed that consciously before.

Wonder how Spike tried to get Rarity’s attention with the mustache. Not by confessing, obviously, so it had to be comedic.

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