Pony Stories 341

18 Feb

More ponyfic reviews. Nice short ones this time, but enjoyed all three of them at least a bit. So that’s a nice change from just kinda blah average, or even bad, stories.

Watched the final directors cut of Blade Runner day before yesterday. Quite different from the previous versions I’ve seen. Some of the stuff was cut out for a reason. The interesting thing is that I think that not only Decker is a replicant, but he knows he is. There are a few clues that he himself is aware of it. If you squint a bit anyway.

  • Stardust in My Eyes by mousapelli
  • Fit for a Princess by bookplayer
  • Crystal Legacy by Cerulean Voice

Stardust in My Eyes by mousapelli

I enjoyed this, though it’s hardly the most complex piece. Another fic about the human set of the mane six and romance. Though Twilight is already in a relationship unlike the one with her and Rainbow. Still, it was a nice fluff read.

Fit for a Princess by bookplayer

Bookplayer doing what she does best. Nice soft moments between two ponies. Or something like that. I probably should have planned out the second sentence of that before I started typing. Anyway, enjoyed thus a lot. Seemed a lot more natural and emotional than Tunnel Of Love. Makes me want to read more Twilight and Applejack shipping.

Crystal Legacy by Cerulean Voice

I spent most of this story trying to figure out where I had read a similar story before. Near the end I realized it was a rewrite, so I had in fact read this particular story before. Or at least a different version of it. I remember liking the previous one a bit more. Maybe just because this was a reread and I just couldn’t push past my puzzlement. Still, good story and I still like the concept quite a bit.

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