Watching Episodes #07

19 Feb

Very late, but still out today. So the streak of daily posts continues! I gotta take whatever small victories I can these days. At least until we start hunting wooly mammoths in the streets. Yes, the snow continues to both be on the ground and fall from the sky. Today’s episode is the one where everypony ignores Fluttershy and pushes her around, until she breaks down and takes it out on some sleeping person until they break down crying and run away. Yep, the one with the dragon and the mountain and Rarity trying to seduce gems out of a dragon hoard.

Have we seen Fluttershy talk or otherwise interact with fish? I mean, she’s got to be okay with animals eating each other in the wild, but actively feeding them too each other seems a bit much. Earthworms though, nopony likes them.

Angel bunny hates to be told what to do. He’s got a cool little house, but I’m pretty sure we never see it again. He’s always in Fluttershy’s house. Did the bunny just force his way into her house once he realized what a pushover she is? Certainly seems to be a big enough jerk to do it. Then again, he was helping her bribe Twilight for gala tickets, so not just another bunny.

Angel bunny is no Courage the cowardly dog when it comes to communicating.

That smoke is awfully directional. Its coming straight for you Celestia! Run for your pristine white coat before it gets sooty! Hey, maybe that’s why she sent Twilight. Princess Luna does the monster slaying because the ash shows up too messy on Princess Celestia. Maybe the princess of the sun is just a neat freak about her personal appearance.

Also, not nice to throw things at ponies Angel. Though the shot of Fluttershy looking wide eyed after getting hit is one of my favorites.

Little foals in the background. One of each tribe. Is that just the standard group for young ponies?

Lyra, what are you doing? Stretching like that wiggling your hind end in the air probably isn’t safe with Cloud Kicker hovering nearby.

Bon Bon and Carrot Top hanging out again.

Either Fluttershy is actually speaking in a barely heard whisper, or she’s just getting ignored. Also, Rainbow Dash is looking up while bouncing the ball and doesn’t see the smoke. World record ball bouncing. Wonder if Equestria has a equivalent to the Guinness book of world records.

Hi Lyra, welcome to the fandom’s spotlight. Hope you enjoyed sitting on that bench, because it just shattered the world as ponydom knows it.

Rainbow Dash doesn’t stop bouncing the ball because she loses count, its because Pinkie Pie shoves her. I’m starting to think Pinkie Pie is actually out to ruin dreams at this point. “Hmm, my friend is trying to do something that requires concentration and balance. I should go over and poke them hard enough to make them stumble while saying numbers out loud while they count.”

Neither of them say hi or talk to Fluttershy after Rainbow’s comment at the start. Pinkie doesn’t even acknowledge Fluttershy’s presence. Then Pinkie rushes off after Dash.

Lyra and Bon Bon together, and Carrot Top is hanging out with another pony. So much change since the last background shot. Plus I think Minuette just walked out of that fountain.

Fluttershy’s reaction sounds are great.

“What in the name of all things cinnamon swirled is a dragon…” Applejack continues to get the best lines. Also a bit if worldbuilding that dragons are widely known, but having them in Equestria is practically unheard of.

Great little montage here.

Football helmet!

This episode is less about her being scared and more about how all her friends don’t pay attention to her. At least so far.

Fluttershy getting scared of her own shadow is adorable.

Goat sound for the win.

Pinkie Pie is the tic tac toe champion.

That gap is shown really deceptively. Its actually wider in these shots then it turns out to be. Though the ease of everypony jumping over it certainly indicates it can’t be too wide.

Pinkie Pie, hypnotizing ponies.

The sound of their soft hoofsteps with no other sounds is strangely nice.

Yes, the one time in the entire episode so far is the avalanche zone.

The action shot of Twilight running is still impressive.

Hairbows match our horseshoes. Maybe the only time horseshoes are mentioned related to fashion.

Pinkie Pie with a rubber chicken. Nopony can’t distract like she can.

Wait, why couldn’t have Celestia just sent a chariot or two? Afraid the gold trim will get dirty?

Rarity, heroically posing like a boss.

Fluttershy, shoving face into into hard rock to hide. Okay, probably just dirt, but still.

Fluttershy hiding behind Applejack after the smoke is nice. Of course it makes no sense. She’s hiding from the camera, but is on the same side as the cave.

I have to say, Fluttershy’s “because they aren’t dragons” argument makes a lot of sense.

Why didn’t she say something? Why didn’t any of you talk about why she was so scared on this apparently multi-hour trip?

Dragons, they are jerks.

Rarity totally has the dragon charm. Almost had it. I love how she’s totally honest about why she was doing it at first.

Persuasion, charm, whatever it is that Pinkie Pie does. Huh. Applejack doesn’t get a turn going into the cave. Haven’t noticed that before.

Don’t piss off Fluttershy. Also one of my favorite bits of dialogue in the show. The episode is kind of fluffy, but this bit is one of the stronger points of the show.

Plus I love it when Rainbow Dash nods proudly when the dragon mentions being kicked. Then looks confused when Fluttershy apologizes.

“You’re bigger than she is, you should know better.”

“Not a bad dragon, just made a bad decision.”

Convinced. You mean threaten until he broke down in tears?

More fainting goat sound effects.

I think Pinkie Pie is the current ball bouncing world record holder and is sabotaging Dash.

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One response to “Watching Episodes #07

  1. Logan

    February 20, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Earthworms though, nopony likes them.

    Apparently not. They even get baked in muffins in E04…

    I absolutely love the background music in this episode, specifically the piece that plays as they’re making their way to the cave. It has a fantastic, epic quality to it that fits the action perfectly. A shame we don’t hear it much after this episode.


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